In Free Fire, all players can carry 2 main weapons and 1 sidearm. This is a big improvement over normal shooters, in which players can only have one. Because of this, Free Fire players need to bring two different weapons that complement each other so that they can deal with the various situations in the game.

In this article, we are going to list out the top 6 most versatile gun combinations in Free Fire OB27.

1 - SCAR + MP40

This combination is fairly easy to get, as both guns are common spawns. The SCAR is actually one of the easiest beginner weapons in Free Fire, with average damage, fire rate and recoil. It won't let you down in sticky situations.

The MP40, on the other hand, is a close-quarter combat specialist. With it being the fastest gun in the game, you can just spray the whole thing to get quick headshots.

SCAR in Free Fire
SCAR in Free Fire

2 - AK + MAG-7/M1014

This combo covers both middle to long-range and close quarters, with the AK having a whopping 72 range. If you are good at sniping and managed to get a 4x scope, the sniping potential of the AK is pretty much over the top.

Ak 47 Blue Flame Draco
The AK skin Blue Flame Draco

The MAG-7 and the M1014 are interchangeable. They are both automatic shotguns that can deal a lot of damage in close range. Use them to clear out buildings and the like.

3 - Groza/Parafal + VSS

The VSS is a middle-range SMG/Sniper hybrid, with the ability to chop away on targets at range. However, its weakness is the lower damage. Any high damage AR like the Groza or Parafal or AK would go really well with the VSS.

VSS Star Commander skin

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4 - SKS/M14/Woodpecker + M4A1

The weakness of the marksman rifles is that it is fairly hard to finish damaged targets due to their low fire rate. With the M4A1 equipped, you should be able to deal with that problem easily. With the gun's 79 range, you should be able to hit any targets the DMRs were able to hit... and the M4A1's automatic capability should be decent in close range fights.

Woodpecker in Free Fire

5 - AWM + Kord

This is a fairly decent combo to use if you and your team are defending a location or firing down from a vantage point. While the AWM is just your run-off-the-mill sniper rifle, the Kord is a new special weapon with the ability to fire 3 bullets at the same time while crouched. The damage potential of the gun is just insanely high.

Kord Gun
The new Kord LMG in Free Fire

6 - XM8 + M1887

The XM8 is one of the best weapons in mid-range, with a high fire rate, damage and accuracy. This goes really well with the M1887 - it can cover up most of the problems that XM8 users might have in clearing out enemies who manage to get close to them.

The XM8 Abyssal Skin

This is the end of our guide for the best gun combinations in Free Fire OB27. Interested in more of our articles related to Free Fire? Please check out this post for the Top 5 Best Support Abilities In Free Fire OB27.