In the Battle Royale Genre, the map is the most important aspect. Free Fire is not an exception. Bermuda, the first map in the game, is a jack-of-all-trades. It has a lot of vastly different locations from all over the world smashed together.

Bermuda 2 0
Bermuda map just gets a new update.

In this article, we are going to analyze the design of the Bermuda map in Free Fire to see where it was based in real life.

What are the main attractions of the Bermuda map?

Being the first map ever created in the game, Bermuda is currently the most popular map in Free Fire. With the player count limit in Free Fire being only 50, Bermuda is actually smaller than most BR maps from other games.

The Graveyard on the Bermuda map is pretty well designed.

Overall, Bermuda is an industrial island, with the coast dotted with all kinds of factories and shipyards, and even a hangar. The residential districts are in the middle of the island. Overall, this is much different than the tourist attraction island Purgatory. There are 4 main industrial locations: the mill, the plantation, the factory, and Mars Electric.

Free Fire Bermuda Map
The original Free Fire Bermuda map.

The main population centers in Bermuda are the Bimasakti strip, Cape Town, Pochinok, and Katulistiwa. The architecture style of the Bermuda towns simulates tropical buildings, with a lower number of floors to prevent storm damage.

What about the 2.0 version of Bermuda?

The 2.0 version adds 4 new places: Nurek Dam, Aden's Creek, Academy and Samurai's Garden. The Nurek Dam is probably added just for its looks. There is nowhere near enough water for such a dam to exist and create electricity.

Bermuda Remastered
Bermuda Remastered map

The samurai's garden is just another attempt to insert more Japanese-style art into the game. It just makes no sense for a Japanese-style complex to be on that island. The Academy has beautiful designs, with breathtaking landmarks and a symmetrical layout.

Players also report mysterious bottles found on the Bermuda map in OB27 when this map made a permanent return.

Academy Free Fire
The Academy in Free Fire
Bermuda Samurai Garden
Samurai's garden is one of the best-looking locations in the game.

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Which real-life locations is Bermuda based on?

The name Bermuda bases on a British island on the coast of America. With such a colorful and vibrant flora, Free Fire's Bermuda is probably in the tropical climate zone. This means the site correlates to either the Pacific, Southeast Asia, or Latin America.

This is the tropical paradise island of Bermuda. You can see the observatory on the far side of the map.

As Free Fire is made by Garena, a Singapore-based company, Bermuda is probably an attempt to go with something they are familiar with. Because of this, the map mostly resembles some islands in Southeast Asia. The clock tower, observatory, and graveyard are the most out of place. They are the only building on the island using western architecture.

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