Clash Squad is a separate mode in Free Fire, in which two teams are pitched against each other in a short battle inside a small area on the map. Because of this limitation, powerful skills in the normal battle royale mode are not nearly as strong in Clash Squad.

In this article, we would list out the top 5 best Active skills in Free Fire to use in Clash Squad mode in OB27. For each skill, you need 3 passives.

Best active skills in Free Fire for Clash Squad

5 - A124

In OB27, A124's ability is buffed massively - you can now activate it every 10 seconds to heal up to 60 HP. To make use of this, you would need to either buy mushrooms in the shop or use Miguel's Crazy Slayer ability. If this ability has a lower cost, it would have claimed the top spot on this list.

A124 Free Fire
A124 is fairly useful in Clash Squad... but you need to purchase some mushrooms.

4 - Alok

Alok's Drop the beat is still an all-rounder skill that any player could pick. Its costless healing and speed are useful in both Battle Royale and Clash Squad. If you are having problems with picking an ability combo, just go with this one.

Alok's ability is great in every situation

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3 - Wukong

In OB27, Wukong's camouflage would reset cooldown every time you make a kill. It is something you can just activate to get out of any sticky situation. During the 15 seconds duration, you can just heal yourself up with a medkit while prepare to fight again.

Free Fire Wukong
The best part about Wukong is that his ability resets every time you make a kill

2 - Xayne

Xayne's ability would let you gain HP instantaneously in the middle of battle while dealing double damage on Gloo Walls and Shields. This is super useful in Clash Squad's pitched fights. The cooldown is fairly high - you can only use this skill once per round at best.

It is best to retreat right before the skill's effect ends, as you don't want to lose the temporary HP boost in the middle of a shootout.

Xayne Free Fire
Xayne's skill is amazing if you have to face Gloo Walls

1 - Chrono

Chrono's ability would put up a 600HP barrier that stops all enemies' attacks while you can see and shoot through. It was nerfed to oblivion in OB27 with a 170-second cooldown. This makes the skill nearly useless in a normal battle royale. However, outside of the cooldown, the power of the shield is more or less intact.

Chrono is actually still useful in round-based modes like Clash Squad

Clash Squad is different. With the rounds being really short, chances that you are not going to be able to cast a skill twice. Because of this, the nerf to Chrono's ability cooldown is meaningless in this mode.

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