Gun skins sit in the very center of Garena Free Fire's dynamic cosmetic collection. These items will not only change the appearance of the weapon but also alter its stats, making the firearm more powerful. That's why every survivor wants the best gun skin they can find. The new Mr. Nutcracker MP5 Weapon Royale has just arrived at Free Fire, giving you the chance to get hold of the best MP5 skin so far.

Mr Nutcracker Mp5 Post
The new Mr. Nutcracker MP5 is now in Free Fire

Let's learn more about the details.

Mr. Nutcracker MP5 Weapon Royale in Garena Free Fire

A new Weapon Royale just hits Garena Free Fire in the Luck Royale draw. The Grand Prize of this time gacha will be the Mr. Nutcracker Mp5, a following skin in the Mr. Nutcracker lineup. The event went online yesterday, April 26th, and is available for the next 22 days.

Mr Nutcracker Mp5 Weapon Royale
Spin to win the skin in the Luck Royale

To obtain the new Mp5 skin from the Luck Royale, players have to spend Diamonds to draw for it! Each draw/spin costs 40 Diamonds. In case you buy the 10 spins bundle, you will get one extra spin for free. Though players are not guaranteed to win the skin after a certain number of spins, the chance of getting the Grand Prize does go up with every subsequent spin.

Prize Pool

Each spin in the new Weapon Royale will give you one of the following Free Fire items:

Mr Nutcracker Mp5 Spin
Check out the Prize Pool here
  • #1 MP5 – Mr. Nutcracker
  • #2 MP5 – Mr. Nutcracker (24 hours)
  • #3 SPAS 12 – Urban Rager
  • #4 AK 47 – Urban Rager
  • #5 FAMAS – Imperial Rome
  • #6 Kar98K – Imperial Rome
  • #7 MP5 – Imperial Rome
  • #8 AK – Imperial Rome
  • #9 Bumblebee: Sting
  • #10 Bumblebee: Swarm
  • #11 Bumblebee: Rattle
  • #12 Bumblebee
  • #13 Pharoah’s Wings
  • #14 Pharaoh’s Eyes
  • #15 Pharaoh’s Rage
  • #16 SKS – Urban Rager

How to Play Mr. Nutcracker MP5 Weapon Royale

Follow the steps below to spin for the Mr. Nutcracker MP5 skin from the Weapon Royale:

Mr Nutcracker Bundle
The Mr. Nutcracker Bundle is also available in the Luck Royale
  • #1: Run Garena Free Fire and open the Luck Royale page via the icon on the left side of the screen.
  • #2: Choose the "Weapon Royale" tab.
  • #3: Spin to win using Diamonds. You can also use Weapon Royale vouchers instead of Diamonds.

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