The Project Cobra went underway a while ago yet Cobra Bundle still remains in demand to Free Fire players. With various introduced cosmetics in the game, everyone wants this bundle as it gives them the facility of 4 bundles in one.

The developers provided gamers with glimpses of the Legendary Cobra Rage bundle in diverse social media posts. After it became part of the title, how to get new Cobra Bundle in Free Fire has hardly stopped being sought-after. See what we have for all of your questions.

How To Get New Cobra Bundle In Free Fire
See how to get new Cobra bundle in Free Fire!

What makes the Legendary Cobra Rage popular?

After the Cobra Rage bundle reached Free Fire, more and more players claimed it with in-game diamonds. Meanwhile, other users also wanted to claim it but have no idea of how to access it.

Before getting to know how to get Legendary Cobra bundle in Free Fire, check out the features of this bundle that make it unique.

The outstanding detail of the Legendary Cobra bundle is it is customize-friendly. You can opt for four hue combinations as per your preference for the character’s outfit. Moreover, the Bundle summons a Cobra friend on the shoulders of the character.

How To Get New Cobra Bundle In Free Fire 2
Cobra rage Bundle entered the Garena Free Fire on 27 February.

What makes it even more interesting? Any survivor in Free Fire who visits your profile will be welcomed with an emote. It showcases your character arriving in style on the Cobra Motor Bike.

Here are more Cobra bundle features that make so many people searching for how to get new Cobra bundle in Free Fire.

Cobra bundle items

These are the outfits that come along with the Legendary Cobra Rage Bundle:

  • Female - Cobra Sidekick Bundle.
  • Male - Cobra Rage Bundle.

Moreover, you will also be able to collect two brand new emotes:

  • Ground Punch
  • Predator Pulse
How To Get New Cobra Bundle In Free Fire 3
The bundle offers a lot of items players want so badly.

Just in case they are not irresistible enough for you, there are, in fact, 12 more items available in this bundle:

  • Backpack 1 - Legendary Cobra
  • Backpack 2 - Cobra Guardian
  • Motor Bike – Cobra
  • Parachute- Cobra Attack
  • Surfboard- Cobra
  • Pin- Legendary Cobra
  • Pan- King Cobra
  • Loot Crate 1- Legendary Cobra
  • Loot Crate 2- Cobra Statue Loot Crate
  • Gloo Wall- Cobra Strike
  • Grenade- Cobra Strike
  • Katana- Legendary Cobra

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How to get new Cobra bundle in Free Fire

Apparently, there are two most common ways to get the Free Fire Cobra bundle. You can get this bundle with redeem codes or purchase them with a specific number of diamonds below.

1. Free Fire Cobra bundle redeem code

And this is how to get Cobra bundle in Free Fire for free.

You will be able to claim free diamonds with Free Fire Cobra bundle redeem code. Check out the codes and their respective rewards:

  • 9P9MP4XG3JWNF6G8 
How To Get New Cobra Bundle In Free Fire 4
How to get Legendary Cobra bundle in Free Fire.

As a matter of fact, players will get 2180 diamonds with the above redeem codes.

NOTE: The given redeem code above is from Google Play Redeem Code. By using these diamonds in Garena Free Fire, you will be able to get Cobra Bundle for free afterwards.

In case you are quizzed about how to redeem Free Fire diamonds, follow these steps:

  • After collecting your Free Fire redeem code, visit the Garena Free Fire rewards website with this link.
  • Decide how you want to log in with Facebook, Google, or VK.
  • A Free Fire code has 12 characters and usually begins with the same number regarding a certain reward. Type in the 12-character code in three blanks, then click on the orange button that says ‘CONFIRM’.
  • If the code is valid, they will display this message, ‘Congratulations! Successfully Redeemed”.
  • Your rewards will be in your game post office in the span of 30 minutes.

2. Purchasing diamonds to get Cobra Rage Bundle

Another way on how to get new Cobra bundle in Free Fire is to use the diamonds without redemption codes. If you cannot get the bundle for a cheaper cost, it is still not a problem as you can spend just a tad bit more to get it from the spin or the gacha.

Players will need to use 20 diamonds for one spin or 80 diamonds for 5 spins instead.

How To Get New Cobra Bundle In Free Fire 5
Our guide helps players know how to get Cobra bundle in Free Fire for free.

The cost of a Cobra bundle is about 3000 diamonds. Nevertheless, it could hike to 70000 diamonds which is equal to about 500 thousand to 1 million rupees.

We know it sounds quite crazy for a single set of bundles. However, if a player is lucky enough, they can get it for a less costly price.

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