Free Fire has a character system that makes the game much more interesting than many other battle royale titles. There are a lot of powerful characters in Free Fire that can help you immensely in battles such as Wukong, Alok, K... Everyone knows they are strong and you can find them in almost every match.

Free Fire
Free Fire has a character system of more than 40 different characters

However, apart from these popular characters, there are also a lot of other characters in Free Fire that are also powerful but not getting used much. In this article, we are going to make a list of the top 5 most underrated characters in Free Fire.

Top 5 Most Underrated Characters In Free Fire

1. Alvaro

Alvaro's ability is called Art of Demolition. This ability increases the damage and range of explosive weapons. This includes grenades and grenade launchers. Since most players in Free Fire mostly use guns to kill, they think that Alvaro is not useful at all.

Alvaro Free Fire 1024x576
Alvaro is a very underestimated character in Free Fire.

However, explosive weapons in Free Fire are very powerful weapons if know how to use them. Wukong is one of the most popular characters and explosive weapons are the perfect counter to Wukong. This character can only walk while in bush form so it is really easy to hit him with an explosive weapon. Meanwhile, a normal weapon will have a harder time hitting him.

Grenade Free Fire
Explosive weapons can destroy campers in Free Fire easily.

Grenades and grenade launchers are the best way for you to destroy players who are camping inside houses. They are forced to leave their cover or get blown up. You don't even need to be in their line of sight to throw a grenade so they can't shoot you.

2. Kelly The Swift

Kelly has one of the best passive in the game, but many people often don't use her because her skill doesn't increase damage output. With Awaken form, Kelly can give you 6% movement speed and a 110% damage bonus for 1 shot after running for 4 seconds.

Kelly Awaken
Awaken abilities is merged with the original ability in the latest update.

The movement speed buff of Kelly is actually really good. She gives you more mobility all the time, which no other skills can do. While it doesn't sound very significant, you will surprise once you start using her.

Cosplay Kelly Garena Free Fire 10
Cosplay Kelly Free Fire

Kelly's ability can fit in various combos in Free Fire. She is also among one of the characters you can get for free in Free Fire.

3. Maxim

Maxim's ability lets you consume healing items faster. In the latest update, he can reduce up to 40% consuming the time of healing items, making him a really good character now.

Maxim Free Fire
Maxim got buffed in the OB27, reviving an old combo in Free Fire.

People think Maxim is not good because you still have to consume items while other characters can give you free heal. However, it is really easy to find an abundant amount of healing items in Free Fire. Maxim's skill is also a passive skill with no condition or cooldown.

On average, the healing rate he can give you compare to K or Alok is just about the same. Plus, Maxim is a free-to-play character and everyone can easily buy him in the in-game store using Golds.

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4. Shani

Shani can give players 20 armor durability after every kill. Extra durability can upgrade the level of your armor. Having your armor destroyed will pretty much you no chance of winning a 1 vs 1 fight. That why keep your armor intact is really important. If can get some easy kills, you can even upgrade your armor to a high tier.

Shani Free Fire
Shani can keep your armor from getting destroyed and upgrade it.

Also, Free Fire is about to release Awaken Andrew into the game and he will make a great combo with Shani.

Awaken Andrew can increase the effectiveness of your armor by 14%, which makes the role of your armor even more important. It is no doubt that Awaken Andrew will be one of the hottest characters in Free Fire once he is released. He is also among one of the characters you can get for free.

5. Kapella

Kapella can increase the effectiveness of healing skills and items of all allies. She also reduces the HP loss of your teammate when they got knocked down. Kapella is obviously not a very good character when you are playing Solo. This is why many players don't like her but she really shines in Squad mode.

The power of Kapella in a Squad is often underestimated.

Having a Kapella in your team is just like basically give everyone a fifth ability, which, needless to say, really powerful.

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