Free Fire's Character system is probably one of the most liked aspects of the game, providing the players with a way to customize their Free Fire characters with useful skills. Characters are not created equal, however - while some are literally broken like Alok, others like Maxim are pretty much useless. Alvaro falls into the "situational" category - he could definitely shine if the situation allows. In this guide, we would list out everything you need to know about Alvaro character in Free Fire.

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1 - Alvaro's Backstory

Alvaro is a prodigy in a sense. Growing up in a military family, Alvaro was raised up pretty twisted and was recruited into the military at the age of 14 (which makes the guy a child soldier). His specialty is making explosives and his favorite past time is to make explosive devices and test them in the woods behind his house. 12 years later, Alvaro joins the battlefield of Free Fire.

2 - Alvaro's Ability

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As an explosive specialist, Alvaro's ability is named Art of Demolition, which increases the damage and blast radius of explosive weapons. Below are the statistics of the skill by levels.

  • Level 1: Increase explosive damage by 6% and Area of Effect by 7%
  • Level 2: Increase explosive damage by 8% and Area of Effect by 7.5%
  • Level 3: Increase explosive damage by 10% and Area of Effect by 8%
  • Level 4: Increase explosive damage by 12% and Area of Effect by 8.5%
  • Level 5: Summon airdrop play card
  • Level 6: Increase explosive damage by 14% and Area of Effect by 9%
  • Level 7: Alvaro's Banner
  • Level 8: Increase explosive damage by 16% and Area of Effect by 10%

This skill would apply to all grenades and grenade launchers, along with the explosive crossbow. To something with an already massive Area of Effect like a grenade, an extra 10% would make them even better.

3 - Tips and tricks on using Alvaro

Overall, picking Alvaro is a pretty risky choice, as explosives are few and far between in Free Fire. It is better to just pick some other characters. However, if you are playing arcade with everyone having a grenade launcher, it would be another matter.

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You can get Alvaro for 499 diamonds

In team games, having Alvaro as the Fragger who get all the grenades in the squad would not be too bad, however, that is still pretty clunky as spread out your utilities is better than focusing on just one guy. Alvaro's skill has no synergy to any other skills in-game and you can pretty much use it with anything. Paloma might be a good combo as you would get some free spaces from her ability to carry some extra grenades.

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