Free Fire is speeding toward its third birthday anniversary on August 23, 2020, with an array of big events. A lot of free items are given away, including a free ticket to pick a character. With Alok being one of the best characters ever released in Free Fire, a lot of you might pick him for that ticket… however, if you have 200 diamonds to spare, you could get Alok now and save that ticket for some other character.

Free Fire Alok Character C608

Why is Alok character getting discounted so heavily?

Coincidentally, DJ Alok, the real-life person that Free Fire Alok is based on, is going to celebrate his birthday on August 26, just 3 days after Free Fire’s third anniversary. The guy has close ties to Free Fire and is also a Free Fire fan himself - this discount is to commemorate that occasion.

When is the discount for DJ Alok?

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The discount would be available tomorrow, August 19 - and likely to last until the real birthday of Alok. With a 67% discount, the original price of 599 diamonds would be cut down to 199. Players have been asking for Alok discount in the store ever since his release -  and this is probably the first time he gets such a big one. If you are aiming to get good in Free Fire, take this opportunity and grab the character.

Why is everybody getting Alok?

While the real-life DJ’s popularity and cool looks can be attributed as part of the reason, the main reason behind players’ obsession with Alok is probably the character’s powerful ability.

Alok 2

Alok was added into the game on the November 2019 update, with an active ability called “Drop the Beat”. When it is activated, an aura of 5 meters radius would be created around Alok - all teammates along with himself would get a movement speed boost and heal for 10 HP per second. This ability is much more powerful than anything released in Free Fire prior - and to get a good result in-game, getting Alok is a must.

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