Free Fire's character system is one of the best in the Battle Royale genre, with each character being super different from each other. However, while the male characters are cool and all, the female character roster is where it's at - their sexiness is what we are here for. However, not all female characters are created equal - some of them are super good in combat while others are useless. In this list, we would list out the 5 best female characters in Free Fire.

5 - Kapella


Healing is a big part of video games in general - and it is not an exception in Free Fire. Kapella's healing song boost all healing from both skills and items - it even gives more HP when reviving teammates. With the game about reducing the HP of enemies around from 200 to zero, characters with skills like Kapella would never be useless.

4 - Moco


In shooters, the ability to reveal enemy positions is probably one of the most overpowered you could get. Moco can track any enemies shot by her for 5 seconds - which, in turn, would give you a chance to perform a flanking maneuver or throw a grenade at the exact spot that enemy is hunkering down upon. The weakness of this ability is that you have to detect the enemies first - it is useless if you are under attack.

3 - Clu

Garena Free Fire Clu 4k Oh

Clu has one of the most overpowered abilities in-game. She can reveal all standing characters in a 50m radius - which is pretty much a wallhack. The duration is super long as well - it lasts for a whopping 7 seconds. Just don't rely too much on it, as you might get overconfident and stumble upon someone who is crouching.

2 - Laura


Accuracy is probably the most important stats in a shooter - and in Free Fire, only one character has the ability to increase it. Laura's Sharpshooter ability would boost her accuracy by thirty percent when using a scope - which leads to better accuracy in long-range combat.

1 - A124

Maxresdefault F764

The best Female character in Free Fire -  A124 can convert her AP into HP at a steady rate, almost instantaneous. Most heal in Free Fire is overtime or after a kill, which is much weaker than A124's fast combat heal. With a maxed A124, you would play Free Fire with a 250 HP character instead of 200. And if you got Luqueta, it would be even better - his 35 max HP boost can get you to 285 effective HP.

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