Free Fire account is a method to save the player’s progress across multiple devices. To play Free Fire, players can either create a guest account or login with Facebook or Google. However, due to some unforeseen circumstances, accounts might be lost… To solve that problem, in this article, we would list out the process to get your account back and change its password.

1 - How to recover a lost guest account

According to the official guide, the data for guest accounts are stored internally on the device and not the cloud. If you lost your phone or its internal data got deleted, there is pretty much no way to recover the guest account back.

Bind Free Fire's guest account to either Google or Facebook is very important

That’s why you must create a real account or link your guest account to Facebook. Contacting Free Fire supports with your account name and ID could help, but most likely not.

2 - How to recover an account connected to Facebook

If you connected Free Fire to your Facebook account, recovery of a Free Fire Account is pretty easy - as long as you remember the ID. Just press “Forgot Password” and change it back.

If that Facebook account the Free Fire ID is connected with has been deactivated, recovery would be much harder. In this situation, you would have to submit a request to Free Fire support, along with your exact IGN, Player ID, and character level.

Submit request menu

The request would not be accepted if there is any mismatch info. You would also need to provide the email from Facebook which stated that your account cannot be activated again as well. The email you used to send the request must also be the same as the Facebook registered email.

3 - How to reset your Free Fire account password

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Taking screenshots of your account's details frequently in case you have to use it to regain access

Visit Garena’s official site and get to the Reset Password section. Enter your username or phone number that’s connected to your Free Fire account. An email or SMS with the details about password resets would be sent back so that you can reset the password.

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