Free Fire’s preparation phase for the 3rd anniversary is currently live - with players all over the world enjoying the free rewards from events in-game. Amongst all the exciting activities, Character Trial Cards is probably the best. In this article, we would list everything you need to know about this event.

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Free Trials for all 26 characters would be available

Why is this event created?

The biggest reward in this anniversary is probably the Free character ticket - every player who logs in on August 23 would get a free character of their choice. This kind of giveaway has almost never happened before - Free Fire players, especially f2p ones, should be very careful about which character they pick.

Unlock Character trial cards in the event tab

With this “Free character trial”, players would get to try out various characters first before making a selection. This would be a godsend for new players.

Details of the event

The event along with its trial cards would last for 7 days - they would disappear on August 18. Afterward, your selected character would be reverted to a normal one. Currently, only 8 characters from "the attacker set" are available to be picked: Hayato, Miguel. Rafael, Wolfrahh, A124, Antonio, Laura and Shani. Garena would probably unlock the rest later in the event.

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Attacker is the first set of cards released

To receive the trial cards of the "Attacker set", you only need to log into the game at any time between August 13 and 18, locate Attacker - Trial cards from the Event section, under the Anniversary Category. Choose a character, hit the claim button and you would be free to select the character you pick afterward.

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