Free Fire has constantly been trying to find ways to get players to interact more with the game and find out more about the everyday battlefield on Bermuda…etc. Their best tool to support players on doing that is probably the Free Fire Journal.

Various secret spots in Free Fire Bermuda

In this article, we would list out everything you need to know about this tool and how to get the free rewards from it.

1 - What is the Free Fire Journal?

The Free Fire Journal is an interactive tool that marks all the secrets and exploration points on the map so that players would be able to go and unlock. This is very useful for new players, as they would be able to unlock free in-game items by completing the pages from the journal. Some quest might even require you to try out various weapons as well.

2 - How to use the Journal and what are the rewards?

To activate the Free Fire Journal, just tap on the Journal icon placed at the bottom right corner of the game lobby. This is rather obscure, as players usually neglect it.

Maxresdefault 1
There are secret spots on Purgatory as well

After clicking on the icon, a book with a FF symbol on its cover, the in-game journal would open up and display all the collectibles in-game. Afterward, they should spend at least two sessions focusing on collecting those collectibles alone.

Discoveries section

Maxresdefault 3
This feature would unlock at level 6

This part of the journal would have players visit all map locations, ride all vehicles end encounter some events. For each part of the page completed, players would get free in-game rewards.

Weapons section

You need to acquire and use all weapons and attachments

This is pretty easy to complete - you have to try to use all weapons in Free Fire, one at a time. Each time you clear a sub-option, a reward would be unlocked.

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