Free Fire is going to release Mystery Shop’s 12th edition in May 2021 while the Ramadan Top Up event is still on the go. In the first days when Mystery Shop was a fresh approach, the developers made the event available every alternate month. However, they have made it a rare event from the last two to three editions due to its popularity among players.

The latest edition, or the 11th one, was introduced back in November last year. After nearly six months, here we go again with the Free Fire new Mystery Shop 2021 in May.

Free Fire Mystery Shop Event
See when the event takes place and how to get your 90% discount!

What is Free Fire Mystery Shop?

Before moving on to Free Fire Mystery Shop 2021 date in India, we will see what this in-game event is about. Mystery Shop provides various items at a flabbergasting discount which can be up to 90%. While it offers many items, Elite Pass remains uncertain.

Just like Elite Pass, the event also brings about female and male bundles. The forthcoming Mystery Shop is bound to be the Eid Special Mystery Shop.

Although the event had started in several regions, Indian players had to wait for a while until it arrives. However, Free Fire new Mystery Shop 2021 is now finally on board.

Free Fire Mystery Shop 12 0 Date
When is the kick-start of Mystery Shop Free Fire date in India 2021?

Mystery Shop release date in India 2021

Mystery Shop in Free Fire 12.0 is expected to have its release on 13 May 2021. In general, the event will take place for 7 days. Therefore, the end of Mystery Shop 12.0 Free Fire date in India will be 19 May.

In case you have not known, the occurring Ramadan Event also has its peak on only 13 May.

New Mystery Shop Female & Male Bundles

This time is the same as always for the fact that the new event will also offer exclusive female and male bundles. Take a look at the bundles of Free Fire new Mystery Shop 2021 below to have a more detailed view:

Free Fire Mystery Shop Bundles
Male & female bundles are among the many rewards.

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Guidelines for Mystery Shop 12.0 event

The new edition of Mystery Shop offers players a discount that may go up to 90%. In fact, this percentage is dependent on your luck.

After learning about Free Fire new Mystery Shop 2021, follow this guideline so the best benefits cannot slip out of your hand.

Switch function

Before players enter the shop, they have to do a spin on the Mystery event page. That spin’s result will decide which discount they have in the shop.

During the Mystery Shop Free Fire date in India 2021, there will be two items pool. Those items in the pool are separated by the male & female bundles. In order to alter the prize pool, gamers only have to switch between those bundles.

Switch Function
Switch function

Once the current tool’s grand prize is obtained, you will be switched to the remaining prize pool automatically.

The available items in the shop consist of Name Change Card, Characters, Costumes, Pets, among many others.


Buying normal items would boost the progress of Grand Prize Unlock.

Meanwhile, once the Grand Prize Unlock progress bar gets full, you can unlock the grand item.

Purchasing rules

Moreover, players cannot buy the exclusive female and male bundles immediately after entering the Mystery Shop. To be able to do this, they have to spend a certain diamond amount which is generally 50 diamonds.

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How to get a 90% discount in Mystery Shop 12.0?

Free Fire Mystery Shop 2021 date in India is the perfect chance to use diamonds and purchase rare characters, cosmetics, pets…

Every Free Fire player must wish to get the optimum 90% discount to get the items at the lowest cost. However, only those with the biggest luck can have it.

In fact, there is no trick that can assure players can get the desired 90% discount. However, we have concluded from the previous experience that there are three kinds of accounts with higher opportunities to get more discount rate:

  • New accounts
  • Accounts that have fewer diamonds
  • Accounts that never bought in-game items
Free Fire Mystery Shop 2
Mystery Shop 12.0 Free Fire date in India offers great discounts.

Hence, you may stay assured of obtaining an 80-90% discount in Free Fire new Mystery Shop 2021 if you are new to the game or just recently made a new account. Moreover, the chance is relatively the same if you are a senior player with no time of diamond top-up.

What’s more, players who made a top-up but have never purchased any item also have a high chance to receive a higher discount. The reason for this is Free Fire developers aspire to encourage players to top-up in-game diamonds and spend them on the items.

In case players do not belong to any of the above categories, what they can do is to maintain fewer diamonds in their account as they make the spin. This also boosts their opportunity for a higher discount.

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