Leveling up may not be the first thing you want to pay attention to in Garena Free Fire. However, to a certain extent, levels are highly underrated. Getting more levels unlocks access to new features and characters. Once you have unlocked all of them, you also receive rewards for each level milestone. Today, we'll go over the top 4 tips to level up fast in Free Fire and access new content in no time!

The Level System in Garena Free Fire

The progress as soon as you start a new account, at level 1. From there, you kick off by unlocking new characters and finish with unlocking Ranked matches at level 12. Also, in order to unlock the Ranked feature, you have to bind your Free Fire account.

Freefire Update Wolfahh
Getting more levels means more content to enjoy

Regarding the rewards, they're actually helpful at the lower levels. However, the rewards do scale with your level, as the points become harder to earn.

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4 Tips to Level Up Fast in Free Fire

To level up fast, you will need to gather experience points more efficiently. You will earn these points after every match, except for those in Training and Custom modes. Here are 4 tips to help you increase the number of EXP points in Free Fire.

#1 Use Double EXP Cards

As the name may suggest, Double EXP cards double the amount of exp earned per match. So, if you want to level up fast in Free Fire, get yourself one! However, remember that these cards do not stack their effects.  You can only use one at a time.

Free Fire Double Xp Card
A single Double EXP card can go a long way

Double EXP cards are available in the Elite Pass, Diamond Royale, Ranking up, and event exchangeable.

#2 Play Battle Royale Matches

Do you know that you earn more EXP points for better performance in the match? If you wish to increase the points earned, step up your win with as many kills as possible. And under no circumstances should you abandon a match! Doing so will not give you any EXP points.

Level Up Free Fire Br Mode
Choose your game mode wisely

#3 Play Clash Squad Mode

Clash Squad/Clash Squad Ranked is also a great place to grind for EXP. Add a Double EXP card to the equation and you will level up in no time at all!

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#4 Double EXP Events

During the peak days of the update, there will be a double EXP event. Make sure you're online at that time and grind as hard as you can for EXP points.

Level Up Free Fire Squad
Pick your time to grind for EXP

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