Free Fire is famous for its vast variety of gestures, aka emotes, that players can use to interact with other players or their teammates in the game.

Apart from purchasing these emotes in events, you can also get them via different bundles. Among all the very distinct and different emotes, our today list includes the rarest emotes in Free Fire up to May 2021.

Free Fire Emotes Rare
Which is the rarest emotes in Free Fire at this moment?

1. Flowers of Love (Rose emote)

The Rose emote was introduced as a part of the Valentine’s Day Top Up Special event back in 2019. A player had to top up 500 in-game diamonds to get this emote.

Rose Emote
Who needs a lover when your Free Fire character can give you a rose?

Why is it one of the rarest emotes in Free Fire? With this emote, your character can carry out a pretty gesture while holding a rose.

2. Doggie

This is another emote released in 2019. However, different from Flowers of Love, Doggie was from the Emote Party Game. Players can dance and celebrate with a fluffy doggo in this adorable emote.

Doggie Emote
A must-try for dog lovers.

In fact, the Doggie emote is also one of the best Legendary emotes in Free Fire as of now. It was accessible on international servers upon its launch. However, it did take a while for the emote to reach India.

3. LOL

LOL is definitely the topmost unique and cool Free Fire emotes one has ever tried. This is a cheerful gesture that you can use in the lobby to interact with your friends.

Lol Emotes
The laughter is contagious with this Free Fire emote.

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4. FFWC Throne

You will feel a touch of power like a king in Game of Thrones with this emote. Indeed, it still remains one of the best features in Free Fire nowadays. However, it was seen the last time on a special event a number of months ago.

Ffwc Emote
FFWC makes players feel like a king.

As you can see, this emote would create a golden throne where the players can sit on and act like they are the ruler.

5. Push-up

As this emote is played, your character will begin to do planchet push-ups. As a matter of fact, the emote was pushed forward as one of the rewards in Elite Pass Season 9 during the Bomb Squad Elite Pass Season.

How To Get Free Emotes In Free Fire 2021

As most of the aesthetic items in Free Fire do not come for free, it raises the burning question of How to get free emotes in Free Fire 2021? There is in fact one or two methods for you to collect them without a cost. Players can use Garena Free Fire MOD APK to get what they want. For more details, check out more related posts on GuruGamer!

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