Emotes are among the top Free Fire elements that help gamers team up with their teammates on the intense battlefield. In the meantime, others can make use of emotes to prove their superiority over enemies after beating them.

Free Fire has a large pick of emotes among which legendary emotes are the most wanted ones. Until May 2021, there are 17 legendary emotes that are up for grabs in the game. And here are the best legendary emotes in Free Fire as of now.

Free Fire Emote
Check out our top 5 best legendary emotes in Free Fire!

1. Eat my dust

This legendary emote was first introduced in a Free Fire Top Up event. Gamers had to use a specific amount of diamonds to top up and claim the emote without a cost from the events section.

Eat My Dust
Eat my dust

In May, you have a chance to obtain Eat My Dust as a big prize from Free Fire’s Emote Party.

2. Doggie

Doggie is also one of the best legendary emotes in Free Fire although not many might have bought it. Having been launched at an event, this great emote lets you dance and celebrate with a puppy.

In fact, it was once available on international servers. However, it took a tad bit longer for the Doggie to arrive in India.

Doggie features the four-paw friend everybody loves.

It is now ready to be used in the Emote Party event where you can try your luck to receive this emote. With its cuteness, Doggie is undoubtedly one of the most favorite emotes in Free Fire of all time.

3. FFWC Throne

FFWC Throne is certainly among the best emotes in Free Fire that you will want to try if you haven’t. Also, it is uncommon as it has a high price and was latest seen in a special offer event some months ago.

Ffwc Throne
Players sit in a king-like position with this emote.

The emote, when activated, creates a golden throne from nowhere and the player can sit on it like a king.

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4. Booyah!

The next one is not only considered the most popular but also the best legendary emotes in Free Fire. It displays the celebration style of the winner. When you play this emote, the “BOOYAH!” font shows up from the ground as the player poses with a victorious posture.

Booyah! emote is dedicated to one of the most known Free Fire characters, DJ Alok.

Its emote description in FF states, "The Desire of every survivor!"

5. Top DJ

It is touted as one of the top Free Fire emotes of all time as it shows props (a hovering DJ console) while the action displays. In case you haven’t known, it is dedicated to DL Alok’s bundle and character.

Top Dj Emote
TOP DJ emote

However, you can also purchase them separately for a cost of 599 diamonds.

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