The Free Fire City Open 2021 is a tournament for the best teams from 8 regions in India. The tournament feature a prize pool of Rs 60 Lakh.

Free Fire City Open format

Free Fire City Open Format
Free Fire City Open format

FFC Cup: Teams from each region compete with each other through the FFC mode to pick out the best 12 teams from each region.

City/ Regional Finals(15 June to July 9): The top 12 teams from each region will go to the Regional Finals of their city and play 6 matches to pick out the best 8 teams from 8 regions for the National Finals.

City/Regional Play-ins(15 July to 23 July): Teams from 2th to 4th in the City/ Regional Finals will be playing in the City/Regional Play-ins. They will be split into 2 groups and the top 6 teams from each group will go to the City/ Regional Play-ins Finals

City/ Regional Play-ins Finals(16 July to 23 July): 12 teams in the City/ Regional Play-ins Finals will fight 6 matches for 2 slots in the National Finals.

Wildcard Finals(30 July): The top 12 teams that are not from the 8 regions will go to the Wild Card Finals to fight for 2 slots in the Grand Finals.

National Finals(15 August): The National Finals will include 8 teams from the City/ Regional Finals, 2 teams from the Wildcard Finals, and 2 teams from the City/ Regional Play-ins Finals. These 12 teams will fight against each other for 6 matches.

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Free Fire City Open 2021 Prize Pool Distribution

Apart from teams who make it to the National Finals of the Free Fire City Open, teams who place 4th or higher in the City/ Regional Play-ins Finals, City/ Regional Play-ins Finals, and City/ Regional Finals will also get a part of the prize pool.

National Finals:

1st Place (Winners):- Rs 15,00,000

2nd Place (1st Runner-up):- Rs 7,50,000

3rd Place (2nd Runner-up):- Rs 5,00,000

4th Place:- Rs 3,00,000

5th Place:- Rs 2,00,000

6th Place:- Rs 2,00,000

7th Place:- Rs 1,50,000

8th Place:- Rs 1,50,000

9th Place:- Rs 1,00,000

10th Place:- Rs 1,00,000

11th Place:- Rs 50,000

12th Place:- Rs 50,000

Top Kills (Team):- 100,000

City /Wildcard Finals/Play-ins :

Champion- Rs 1,00,000

1st Runner-up- Rs 50,000

2nd Runner-up- Rs 25,000

4th Place- Rs 25,000

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