Garena Free Fire introduces a lot of emotes for players to enjoy the game. Free Fire emotes are introduced in bundles or in-game events. Here are the five rarest emotes in this game.

#1. Chicken Emote

Chicken emote is the most favorite emote in this shooting game. It came to this game Steampunk Revolution Elite Pass in season 7. You had to purchase the Elite Pass and complete missions to rank up and win this reward. It's one of the rarest, funniest, and most hilarious emotes in this game. Therefore, a lot of players are demanding Garena reintroduce it to this game.

Free Fire Chicken Emote
Chicken emote is the most favorite emote in this shooting game.

#2. Push-up

This cool emote came to Free Fire in season 9. It's also an Elite Pass reward that you could only receive when you buy the Elite Pass. Your character will do some planche push-ups when you use this emote. It looks cool and exciting when you equip the Hip-hop outfit for your character.

Push Up Emote
Push-Up Emote

#3. Pirate's Flag

Garena introduced this emote at the Pirate Top Up event. You need to top up 500 diamonds during that event to obtain this emote. When you use this fancy emote, your character will hold a pirate flag and slam it on the ground. You should wear the pirate outfit to make your character look more impressive.

Pirates Flag
Pirate's Flag emote.

#4. Doggie

This is one of the most favorite Emotes in Free Fire which is very rare. It came to this game in the Emote Party event. When using this emote, your character will dance and play with a lovely dog. Indian Free Fire players can wait to obtain this emote when it comes to this server.

Doggie Emote
Doggie Emote

#5. Flowers of Love

This emote came to this game in the Valentine's Day Top Up Special event. The event had finished a long time ago and gamers cannot obtain it anymore. Players who had top-up 500 diamonds during that event could get this special emote. The character will kneel on one knee with a rose in his hand. It's a very romantic gesture.