Kla is an underrated character in Free Fire. However, you can make him very strong and powerful if you know how to use his ability. Check out the top five reasons why you should use this character in this battle royale game.

#1. Powerful Ability For Melee Fights

His unique ability called Muay Thai makes his fist damage very high. He is the best character for melee fights when you and your enemy haven't got any weapon. When playing with this character, you should drop in the top of a high building to take down some enemy with fists before jumping down to the ground floor to loot weapons.

Kla Muay Thai
Kla has a special ability of Muay Thai.

Or else, when your weapons run out of ammo in melee fights and you don't have much time to reload, Kla can help you take down the opponent with his strong fistfights.

#2. Best Choice For Factory Challenge

In the Factory challenge, you have to use your melee skills and fists to fight off a lot of enemies. This is the strong point of Kla. His Muay Thai skills make him a powerful fistfighter in this challenge. It can increase his fist damage by 100% to 400%. Then, Kla can knock down or kill the opponent with one hit only at the maximum level.

Kla Factory Challenge
Choose Kla To Win The Factory Challenge.

#3. Great Ability For Free Fire Clash Squad

Kla is also an ideal character for Clash Squad mode. At the beginning of the game, you will encounter enemies in melee combat and use fistfights. If you are not good at using the pistol, you can use fistfights to take down the enemies in the first round.

Kla Clash Squad
Kla Will Help You Win The First Round Of Clash Squad Mode

#4. Best Character For Custom Games

You can organize melee custom games to play with your guild or friends. Then, choose Kla to win with fistfights. Melee custom games are very exciting, fun, and challenging. All players will land on the map, go to loot melee weapons and try to kill opponents with fistfights or melee weapons.

#5. Easy To Unlock

It's very easy to unlock Kla in the Character Store in this game. This character costs you only 499 diamonds or 8000 coins. If you don't have enough diamonds, you can pay coins to get this powerful character.

Easy To Obtain Kla
It's Easy To Obtain Kla In The Store