SMGs are the best weapons designed for close-range combat in Free Fire. There are many SMGs in this shooting game. You should choose the best SMGs to win and survive in all close fights. Here are the five best SMGs for close-quarter fights in this shooting game.

#5. UMP

This legendary SMG has a high rate of fire and reloading speed. These two factors are very important in close-range fights. The high firing rate of 75 makes UMP a powerful gun in close-range combat. However, it also makes the gun run out of ammo rapidly. But the high reload speed lets you reload ammo quickly to come back to the game faster. Besides, the base damage of this SMG is also significant.

Free Fire Ump
UMP has a high rate of fire.

#4. Thompson

Thompson also has a very high rate of fire. Therefore, its damage per second is also high, allowing you to kill the enemy quickly. Besides, it has significant movement speed, so you can run quickly to surprise the opponents and attack them suddenly. In addition, it has a pretty high base damage of 50. Its mag size is pretty large, making its reload duration pretty longer than other SMGs.

Thompson has high DPS.

#3. MP40

This is always one of the best guns for close-range combat in Free Fire because of its super high rate of fire. Its firing rate is even higher than the two previous SMGs. Besides, its medium base damage makes its DPS also high. Moreover, MP40 is one of the most stable, balanced, and versatile weapons in this shooting game.

Mp40 Free Fire
MP40 is very stable and powerful.

#2. MP-5

Like UMP, MP-5 also has an impressive rate of fire and very high reload speed. Therefore, it's one of the most favorite close-range guns in this game. Moreover, the movement speed, mag size, and accuracy are excellent, too. You can equip many attachments, such as scope, silencer, grip, and magazine to boost the power of this gun.

Mp 5
MP-5 is very versatile and accurate.

#3. Double Vector

This is a new feature in Free Fire 2021. Players can use two Vector guns at once to double the power of this SMG. Vector has a super high rate of fire, so it's very strong in close combat. Besides, its reload speed, movement speed, and accuracy are also high. Then, you can win a 1v2 or 1v3 close fight with Double Vectors.