Free Fire character Hayato has a unique ability of Bushido that helps increase the ammo penetration when the enemy's HP decreases. This is a good choice for Clash Squad mode in this shooting game. Check out the best reasons why you should use Hayato for Clash Squad games in Free Fire here.

Reasons To Use Free Fire Character Hayato In CS Mode

Hayato's ability is the best reason to use him in this game mode. You can equip him wisely and win all CS matches in this shooting game.

  • Useful Ability: Hayato's Bushido ability helps increase the ammo penetration of his attack by 7.5 to 10 percent when the enemy's HP decreases. Therefore, the more damage you do to the enemy, the more powerful your attacks are. Therefore, this character is a great choice for the role of a tanker in a squad.
Hayato Cs Mode
Hayato is the best character for CS mode.
  • Powerful In Close Fights: Thanks to his ability, Hayato always gets the advantage in close-range combat. Hayato can increase the damage of his attacks to the opponents when their HP declines. Then, the later attacks are more deadly to the target.
Hayato Ability
He is very powerful in close fights.
  • A Perfect Tanker In CS Mode: You can combine his Bushido ability with other characters' abilities to make a perfect fighter in the Clash Squad mode. The best skill combo for Hayato in CS mode includes Kelly's Dash, DJ Alok's Drop The Beat, and Jota's Sustained Raids. Then, your character will have all essential factors to become a beast in this game, including speed, HP, and powerful attacks.
Hayato Cs Combo
Hayato will be stronger when combined with other skills of Kelly, DJ Alok, and Jota.
  • Kill Enemy Faster: In this tense and fierce game mode, you need to kill enemies quickly or they will take you down. Thus, Hayato is a great choice because you can kill the opponents quickly once you can cause the first damage to the enemy.
Kill Enemy Quickly
His passive skill helps him kill the enemy quickly.
  •  Easy To Obtain: This character costs only 8000 coins in the Character Store of Free Fire. Hence, you don't need to top up diamonds.