Free Fire's combat system is fairly complicated in comparison to other FPSs. In this game, players having to juggle between skills and weapons... along with ranged options like Grenades. To be able to win in squad mode, the most competitive mode in Free Fire, it is important that the player know how to throw grenades effectively.

In this article, we will list out a couple of tips and tricks to use grenades in Squad mode.

Grenades in Free Fire
Grenades in Free Fire

1 - How to use Frag Grenade in Squad mode

A normal exploding frag grenade is a great tool for rushing in squad mode, distracting enemies so that you can maneuver. Below are a few things you should remember:

  • Only use the Frag grenade if you know the enemies are in that location. Don't waste it.
  • Cook the grenade so that it can explode immediately if you are close enough.
  • Grenade is the best tool for finishing downed enemies.
Windows are great targets for grenades in Squad mode
  • You can jump while throwing the grenade to increase its range.
  • Try to open the fight with a grenade to increase the chance of damaging your foes.
  • The frag grenade can be used to counter Chrono's shield.

2 - How to use Gloo Grenade in Squad mode

The Gloo Grenade is super important in Squad mode. It temporarily creates a barrier that obstructs the view of your enemies and blocks their bullets.

  • Holding the grenade button while moving around in the open is a good idea. You can just deploy the wall right away when shot at.
  • Gloo Wall grenades can be used to get to otherwise inaccessible places. You can stack it on the bottom of a building and jump onto its roof to surprise your enemies.
Gloo Wall Grenades
There are a lot of usages for Gloo Wall Grenades in Squad mode
  • Gloo Walls are also useful in protecting downed teammates so that someone can pick them up.
  • Lastly, Gloo Walls can be used to stop vehicles in their tracks. If someone is speeding toward you with a monster truck, just get a Gloo Wall up to block them.

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3 - Which pet or skills are useful when using grenades?

  • You might need to get the Waggor pet - its skill would provide the user with an unlimited number of Gloo Wall grenades.
  • Free Fire's new Beaston pet lets you throw all grenades 30% further.
Pet Beaston
Beaston pet in Free Fire
  • Alvaro's passive increases the area of effects for frag grenades
  • Steffie's ability reduces explosive damage taken by 5%

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