Garena has added a lot of special mechanics for players to customize their characters, with character skills, loadout, and even weapon skins. Amongst these methods, pets are often underestimated despite their usefulness. In this article, we are going to list out the top 5 pets to use in Free Fire Squad Mode, the most competitive mode in the game.

Top 5 Pets For Free Fire Squad Mode

5 - Ottero

Ottero is one of the best healing pets in Free Fire. His skill "Double Blubber" would restore your EP by 50% of the HP you heal after using treatment guns and medkits. This is pretty much 150% heal, with the last 50% applies over time. With his skill, you would get a lot of extra heal from using your treatment gun on teammates, if you manage to find it.

Ottero pet can give you a decent amount of EP for A124's skill.

4 - Rockie

While Rockie is more of a support pet, his ability is so versatile that even an aggressive player could get something out of it. When equipped, Rockie would reduce the cooldown of your active abilities by 15% at maximum level.

Rockie works the best on abilities with long cooldowns like Xayne's Xtreme Encounter.

This provides a lot more value than you would expect. You can now cast your skill much more often, and everyone would like to have Alok's heal up faster.

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3 - Beaston

Beaston is amongst the newest pets added to Free Fire's roster. It is a military-baboon that dressed in "guerrilla-style" attire while carrying some ammunition on its shoulder pad. Beaston's ability "Helping Hand" increases the range of your grenade throws by 30%.

You can throw your grenades much more accurately with Beaston.

This might sound underpowered... but in Free Fire squad mode, grenades are dangerous weapons. An accurate throw would heavily damage multiple members of the enemy team or even kill them outright.

2 - Dreki

The newest flying pet in Free Fire, Dreki, is excellent in the chaotic fights of Squad mode. If your team managed to wound an enemy and they escape, it is likely that they are going to hide somewhere and heal.

Dreki is very useful in detecting nearby enemies after a fight.

This is where Dreki's ability, Dragon Glare, becomes useful. Upon activation, it reveals all enemies who are using medkits in a 30 meters radius for a couple of seconds. With this, you should be able to finish them off more easily.

1 - Falcon

Falcon is the first flying pet in Free Fire... and the only pet with bonuses that extends to your squadmates. If one player has Falcon pet equipped, the whole team would get a bonus in gliding and diving speed - this allows the squad to land much faster than usual.

Falcon's ability let your team get an early edge.

Squads that use the Falcon's ability can get their hands on weapons and vehicles first, laying ambushes to others who arrive later.

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