Free Fire's special ability system is the most unique part of the game. It lets you create your own character, with an active skill and a number of passives. Good skill selection is needed in solo mode... and in the more competitive squad mode, that is even more important.

In this article, we would list out the top 5 best passive skills to use in Free Fire Squad mode.

Passive Abilities In Clash Squad
Who do you think would do better in Squad mode: Moco or Olivia?

Top 5 Passive Skills To Pick In Free Fire Squad Mode

5 - Andrew Awakening

Skill: Wolf Pack - Decrease vest durability loss by 14%.

Andrew Awakening's ability would reduce durability loss for your vest. The special part about this ability is that the more players in your team with this skill, the better the effect. If all members in your team equip this ability, you would get a 20% reduction instead of the usual 14.

Awaken Andrew Free Fire
Andrew Awakening in Free Fire

4 - Moco

Skill: Hacker's Eye - Tag enemies hit by your bullets for 5 seconds.

Moco’s special ability tags any enemies shot by her for a couple of seconds. Overall, this ability is useful in solo but has a greater effect in squad mode. If you managed to damage the enemies just a little, their position would be revealed on the map for a whopping 5 seconds. This enables you or your team to flank them or throw some grenades.

Free Fire Moco
Moco in Free Fire

There is nowhere to run against this ability, as the location is also shared with all of your squadmates as well.

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3 - Notora

Skill: Racer's Blessing - Restore HP of all players on the vehicle (including self) when driving.

Notora in Free Fire

This is the only true "infinite heal" in Free Fire, without any cost whatsoever. The downside of this is that Racer's blessing is very slow - you only get 1HP per second. Overall, this ability is great in dealing with chip damage. By sitting in the car for a few seconds, everyone in your team could get back to full.

2 - Olivia

Skill: Healing Touch - Players revived by Olivia would get an extra 70 HP.

Overall, Olivia is amongst the top winners of OB27, with her skill getting almost double the value. The extra HP might look small but it is actually really valuable - your downed teammate can start fighting right away without having to use a medkit.

Olivia's ability only works in Free Fire Squad mode

This ability is best used in combination with Kapella's skill, as they stack on top of each other. Players revived by this combo would get even more HP.

1 - Rafael

Skill: Dead Silent - Add silencing effect on sniper and marksman rifles. Downed enemies lose HP 45% faster.

Rafael Free Fire
Rafael in Free Fire

Rafael's skill is now a must-pick passive in squad mode. Downed enemies would die much faster - you can just leave them there as bait to get their teammates. The silencing effect is just the cherry on top.

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