Garena has constantly updated Free Fire with new events tailored for various regions. In India, we have gotten Holi celebration events, Diwali celebrations... and more. This month, Garena has just announced a new Ramadan event on Free Fire's social media handles.

Free Fire's new Ramadan Event

In this article, we would list out everything you need to know about Free Fire New Ramadan Event.

1 - Free Fire New Ramadan Event release date

The expected release date for Ramadan Event is May 6th or May 7th. This was leaked from the Indonesian server. Usually, Garena releases new events globally... so we can expect it to hit the Indian server at the same time. Below is the announcement of the event from Free Fire India's Instagram handle.

Overall, Free Fire Ramadan is a big event that contains smaller sub-events, each with its own free rewards and prizes.

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2 - Free Fire Ramadan Event Rewards

Below is the leaked schedule for the Ramadan event along with a list of some of the rewards. Check out the video below for a closer look.

Free Fire Ramadan Event Calendar
Free Fire Ramadan Event Calendar
  • Eid's Blessings Daily Mission (May 7th - May 20th)
  • Daily Magic Cube Mission (May 7th - May 11th) - Incubator Voucher and Magic Cube fragments
  • Eid's Blessings Web Event (May 7th - May 20th) - AK47 Legendary Cobra
  • Login event Eid Gifts (May 9th - May 13th) - Choose 1 character and choose 1 pet
  • After Match drop (May 12th - May 14th) - Crescent Moon and Super Crescent Moon
  • The Spirit of the Feast (May 12th - May 13th) - 5x Custom Room card, 11x Super Crescent Moon, 1x Golden Vow, and 2x Incubator voucher
  • Cumulative Magic Cube Mission (May 12th - May 13th) - 20x Magic Cube fragments
  • After Match drop (May 14th - May 20th) - Gold Star token and Diamond Royale voucher
  • Gold Star Exchange (May 14th - May 20th) - Pet emote Alien Showoff

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