There are a lot of weapons in Free Fire, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Amongst them, the hardest and most rewarding weapons to use are probably the Marksman Rifles. They are semi-automatic Sniper Rifles that can deal a lot of damage at a range comparable to the normal sniper rifle.

Sniper in Free Fire
Marksman Rifles in Free Fire

In this list, we would list out all Marksman Rifles in the game and find out which is the best amongst them.

Marksman Rifles In Free Fire

5 - M14

The M14 is the only marksman rifle in Free Fire without the ability to penetrate armor - this makes it the weakest in the class. In exchange for the lowered stats, the M14 has a slightly higher fire rate and is more effective in the early game.

M14 Egg Hunter skin in Free Fire

Unlike the rest of this list, the M14 does not spawn with a scope - you have to find one yourself.

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4 - SVD

The SVD or Dragunov is a very powerful marksman rifle with super high damage, range and armor penetration. It is one of the deadliest weapons in the game. Similar to the SKS, it can shot down an enemy wearing a level 2 vest in about 3 shots. Similar to the SKS or the Woodpecker, the SVD spawns with a scope.

SVD Swordsman Legends in Free Fire

The weakness of the SVD, however, is that it's really hard to control. The higher recoil makes it hard for players to score multiple shots on enemies.

3 - M14 Rage Core

The variant of the M14, the M14 Rage Core, or M14-R is super powerful. If it wasn't for the Rage Core's rarity, this gun would be the number one spot on this list. With the rage core equipped, the M14 would become a normal automatic rifle while retaining the high damage and range.

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2 - SKS

The SKS is a semi-automatic marksman rifle that comes pre-attached with a 4x scope. Comparing to the SVD, SKS has slightly lower penetration and damage in exchange for lower recoil. This means the SKS is easier to control overall. It also has 46 points in armor penetration, which increases the damage output on armored enemies better in the late game.

SKS Hysteria in Free Fire

Both the SKS and the SVD can achieve the same feat of killing an enemy wearing a level 2 vest in 3 shots.

1 - Woodpecker

The Woodpecker is one of the newest guns released in the game. It has a very high damage output, with a whopping 85 in damage and 75 in armor-piercing. This made the gun very effective in the late game, against enemies with high-level helmets and armor.

Woodpecker in Free Fire

It also has a fairly high accuracy stat of 69 as well - this is probably to compensate for the gun's subpar range of only 63, the lowest amongst DMRs.

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