Free Fire's skin system is often regarded as a pay-to-win feature, with skins giving bonus stats. Amongst those skins, the most expensive and elaborate are probably the Evolution lineup - you have to pay a lot of diamonds to unlock later levels. All evolution weapons have a lot of special effects.

In this article, we are going to list out all evolution skins in Free Fire OB27.

1 - Blue Flame Draco AK

The Blue Flame Draco Skin is based on an Ice Dragon. At the maximum level, your weapon would sprout a pair of wings and some flashy particle effects. This is the first evolution skin ever released by Garena... and the most popular one.

Free Fire Skin Ak Blue Flame
The Blue Flame Draco Skin in Free Fire

The bonuses that this skin provides are top-tier. Players would get + damage and ++ fire rate, the best bonus combo in the game. Furthermore, the Blue Flame Draco also deals extra damage on Gloo Walls.

Free Fire Blue Flame Draco
Details about its bonus and special abilities. This is probably the best amongst evolution skins in Free Fire.

2 - Red Megalodon Alpha SCAR

The Red Megalodon Alpha SCAR is based on a prehistoric sea monster named "megalodon". The decorations are metallic black, with fins and smooth curves all over. The gun also has a red particle effect.

Scar Megalodon
The Megalodon SCAR in Free Fire

The Red Megalodon Alpha has pretty much the same bonus as the AK, however, its extra skill is different. Instead of dealing extra damage to Gloo Walls, the Megalodon Alpha is more effective against vests and helmets, reducing their durability.

New Scar Megalodon Alpha
The Megalodon Alpha's bonuses

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3 - Predatory Cobra MP40

The Predatory Cobra is designed based on a cobra's head, complete with eyes, fangs and particle effects. It also summons a cobra after every kill.

Mp40 Predatory Cobra
Mp40 Predatory Cobra in Free Fire

The special ability of the Predatory Cobra is that it deals extra damage if you shoot a target in the back. Stat wise, it has one of the best bonuses for the MP40: ++ damage and + fire rate.

Free Fire Project Cobra
Mp40 Predatory Cobra was released as part of Free Fire Project Cobra event

4 - Green Flame Draco M1014

These are going to be the next evolution skins in Free Fire. The Green Flame Draco is going to give bonuses on damage, fire rate and extra damage on Gloo Walls. It is likely that Garena would release the Purple and Blue Draco after this.

M1014 Evo Skin
The new Green Dragon Evo skin

Overall, the weapon looks like a different type of dragon comparing to the Blue Draco AK. The whole body of this dragon turns purple, with horns and wingtips become a sickly green. It is likely that this weapon has a poison theme.

M1014 Evo Level 6
The Stats of the new Evo Skin

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