Apart from giving an impressive and stunning look to your weapons, gun skins are the best attachment you should get to your guns as it will give them more power and damage. In Free Fire, there are four main types including normal skins, theme skins, incubator skins, and legendary skins. While the SCAR Ultimate Titan legendary skin has been considered the best gun skins so far in Free Fire, it seems like the game developer is going to replace it with a brand new one, calling it the ‘ultra-legendary gun skin” for the AK47 gun. The skin which is titled Free Fire Blue Flame Draco comes in a cool and savage appearance of a real dragon.

Apart from having an extraordinary effect and aesthetic look, Blue Flame Draco is also known for being the first revolutionary skin ever in-game. It means that the skin will come with more effect and features when you get to level up. Here is all you need to know about the Blue Flame Draco AK gun skin first look, its features, and how to be the first one to get it in the game.

Free Fire Blue Flame Draco
Free Fire Blue Flame Draco - one of the most powerful skins ever in Free Fire

Free Fire Blue Flame Draco first look

While it seems like we have got enough of extravagant and marvelous gun skins, the game developer has recently taken the gun skin game to the next level with an ultra-legendary gun skin for AK47. The skin which is introduced to be ‘the father of all gun designs’ will cast a spell on you at the first sight. Before getting to know more details about it, here is the first look of Free Fire Blue Flame Draco AK you cannot miss:

Free Fire Blue Flame Draco AK full transformation

Being an evolutionary gun skin, the Blue Flame Draco gun skin will develop more features and details when players unlock higher levels. While players who are at level one only have a basic gun skin with some blue and purple traits on the gun, the skin will fully transform into a marvelous dragon with special privileges. Here is the full evolution process of Free Fire Blue Flame Draco from the lowest to the highest levels:

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Free Fire Blue Flame Draco
Players at level one will get the Free Fire Blue Flame Draco with only a few trails in blue and purple.
Free Fire Blue Flame Draco
The skin will be gradually developed when players unlock higher levels
Free Fire Blue Flame Draco
It will fully transform into a dragon in shape at level 7

It can be seen that the Free Fire Blue Flame Draco stats is not really impressive at first as it only increases damage and fire rate by 1 level and gets Movement speed 2 level decreased. However, as an evolutionary skin, not only its appearance but the power will get upgraded if you reach the next levels. According to that, the movement speed will be improved at level 2 and you will get full stats with Damage (+), Fire Rate (++) and Movement speed (-) when being at level 4.

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Free Fire Blue Flame Draco AK special privileges

Apart from having a vast range of military weapons, especially guns, just like many other battle royale games, Free Fire offers players endless options for gun skins with which they can customize their weapons based on preference and boost their ability for better performance. Unlike other skins that only give power to the range or fire rate, the special gun skin is also attributed to exclusive privileges which give players extra advantages in games. 8 special features of the Free Fire Blue Flame Draco include Evo special effects, exclusive kill announcement, Powerful attributes, exclusives skills, kill effect, firing effect, exclusive emote, and hit effect.

Free Fire Blue Flame Draco

While the hit effect, firing effect, and kill effect are unlocked at level 5, you will need to reach level 7 to activate the exclusive emotes. With the exclusive emote, the player can strike a pose with their gun skins with lighting effect while the skin is seen with open wings, sparkling light to struck the ground.

Free Fire Blue Flame Draco emote

How to get Blue Flame Draco in Free Fire

According to Free Fire, the game developer is going to launch the most ultimate legendary gun skin ever in-game this weekend on Sunday, October 25th. The skin will be made available on the online store soon but the exact price has yet to be announced. Of course, the price is expected to be high considering its extraordinary features. However, low-budget players still get chances to obtain the ultra legendary skin via upcoming events. Stay tuned with Gurugamer.com for the latest updates about Free Fire Blue Flame Draco gun skin and other news about Free Fire.

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