When it comes to Free Fire characters, DJ Alok is definitely the most famous one who is beloved by scores of players around the world. While the real-life DJ Alok wins hearts for his music, his virtual character in-game has a special ‘Drop the Beat’ skill which can give players a huge advantage in combats. If you’re also a fan of DJ Alok, here are some of the best D J Alok Free Fire photo for you to set the wallpaper or profile pics.

d j alok free fire photo
DJ Alok is one of the best characters in Free Fire

Having a long list of more than 30 characters and counting, Free Fire is one of the mobile games which has the biggest number of in-game characters. The most interesting facts about Free Fire characters is that, apart from the default ones Adam and Eva, each character in the game has a special ability which is suitable for different play style. Owning an active skill called ‘Drop the beat’, DJ Alok character can increase the movement speed of his clan as well as gain HP upon each kill. That’s the reason why he is no doubt the most popular and Free Fire best-seller at the moment. Today, apart from seeing the best DJ Alok Free Fire photo, let’s check out some interesting facts about this character as well as the original DJ Alok in real life.

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d j alok free fire photo
The character is based on the real-life Alok who is a Mexican DJ

Free Fire DJ Alok photo

Being one of a few characters who own an active skill in Free Fire, DJ Alok is the most desirable virtual character thanks to his Drop The Beat skill. By creating a 5m aura, he not only increase the movement speed of himself but also the whole squad by a maximum 15%. In addition to that, he can also gain some HP base on your level.

While DJ Alok is considered the best purchase you can make for a character, it also depends on your play styles and what type of character your team needs. At the moment, you can obtain DJ Alok from the online store for 499 diamonds. There used to be some special events which rewarded players with DJ Alok. However, these events expired as upcoming events only give away new characters.

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d j alok free fire photo
DJ Alok is well-known for his Drop the beat skill which gives players advantages in movement speed and HP

As many players are DJ Alok fans who have already (or want to) own the character, many people are in the demand for DJ Alok Free Fire photo HD to set it as their wallpaper or profile pictures. In case you need some rare and impressive photos of DJ Alok Free Fire, keep scrolling down for more and save them to your phone!

Having DJ Alok chracter has always been the pride of many Free Fire players as he is the most powerful and active one among more than 30 characters in-game. While many Free Fire characters are effective and helpful, there are also some others who aren't. Here are some of them: 5 Worst Characters In Free Fire That Will Stop You From Hitting BOOYAH

d j alok free fire photo
After the release last year, DJ Alok has become a true sensation in the Free Fire player community
Dj alok free fire wallpaper
The character is now available on the Free Fire online store at 499 diamond
d j alok free fire photo
He used to be given away for free on some events but these events are time-limited
d j alok free fire photo
Some special photos of DJ Alok in real life
d j alok free fire photo
DJ Alok is not only the most powerful Free Fire character but also a famous DJ in real life

Being the hottest Free Fire character, DJ Alok who was officially released in-game last year in November 2019. The character takes inspiration from the Brazilian DJ Alok Achkar Peres Petrillo (aka Alok). While his in-game character is the most powerful one, DJ Alok in real life is an established name in the industry. He is well known with many big hits like Vale Vale, Here Me Now or Never Let Me Go. In 2019, he is voted to be the highest-ranking DJ in the South American while dominating the 25# in the list of top 100 most famous DJs in the world.

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