When it comes to battle royale games, Free Fire stands out as the one which has the most number of characters. Having a long list of more than 30 characters and counting, each one in the game also has a special appearance, original and special ability which gives players some advantage in the match. However, not every Free Fire character is helpful as you might have thought. Despite having special skills, there are a few who turn out to be so weak that you should never use them for the game. Check out the list of worst characters in Free Fire to avoid wasting your money!

Free Fire Adam And Eva
Free Fire Adam And Eva

1. Adam and Eva

Being the default character, Adam and Eva are the only ones who have no special ability. They can be used for training mode but when it comes to real battles, you will find it’s difficult to knock down other enemies playing with a powerless character. Maybe their only ability is to save your diamonds as these characters are for the game.

Free Fire character Caroline is the daughter of a rich businessman and an acclaimed fashion designer

2. Caroline

Apart from her gorgeous appearance, do not expect anything from this spoiled kid. Being introduced as the heiress of a wealthy fashion house, Caroline can speed up while using a shotgun. However, her speed is still lower than her BFF Kelly and it will be a huge waste of money if you don’t even use a shotgun.

Garena Free Fire Wukong
Garena Free Fire - Wukong

3. Wukong

The King of Monkey Wukong is said to have a fancy camouflage skill as he can turn himself into a bush for 14 seconds. However, this ability turns out to be not helpful as you think as other players can spot him out easily. Who would not notice a moving bush in the middle of the town?

Image 10 Free Fire Olivia Character In Real Life F
Free Fire Olivia Character

4. Olivia

The sizzling nurse is introduced to be a healer who can revive other players and gains HO herself. Although her skill works when it comes to team mode, it will be useless when you’re solo or when your teammates are all killed. Instead of purchasing Olivia, DJ Alok is a better choice as he not only gains HP but also increases the movement speed.

Free Fire New Character Joseph 7714 1
Free Fire New Character Joseph is a physicist and a playboy billionaire

5. Joseph

The last one in the list of weakest characters in Free Fire is the 45yo playboy billionaire Joseph whose ability is speeding up his movement when being shot. This ability sounds helpful but it’s quite risky as it can be only activated when he takes damages.

Above are 5 of the worst Free Fire characters that are recommended for all players. Of course, this is also a personal preference and it depends on your playstyle as well. Do you agree with us? Comment your opinion on the box below!

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