Free Fire is among one of the most popular survival shooter games with the records of 80 million daily active players. The ultimate objective of players in each game is to be the last person alive. In order to reach that goal and become the winner, you need to defeat around 50 other players while collecting weapons and equipment for fighting at the same time. In Free fire, players can increase their lifetime by sticking weapons and supply to the initial position of the pole.

In each update version, there are always a bunch of newly-incorporated features including characters, weapons, equipment. While many of them bare a resemblance to other games’ features, it’s easy to list down 5 distinctive items that available exclusively in Free Fire

Free Fire Toolbox 8849

1. Tool box

Tool box in Free fire serves to create a variety of headgear and also to upgrade your amour.

Widely known as an "improved vest", Tool box allows you to use several of them at one time, depending on your location.

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2. Infobox

Infobox provides players with a significant advantage since it is capable of showing the next safe zone’s location.

With the help of Infobox, players are able to:

1. Visualize the scope of the next safe zone
2. Pinpoint the exact location where the next Airdrop will fall

Mini Turrets Free Fire

3. Mini Turrets

Mini Turrets are disposable items, with exactly the same usage as Ice Grenade!

After collecting the items, you need to choose the right time to place them. The item will then be destroyed on its own after a while. The only difference from Ice Grenade is that it shoots (and how it shoots!).

The Mini Turrets are useful in shooting enemies and defending positions.

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4. Jumping Shoes

With Jumping shoes, you are able to jump 5-6 higher than you normally do. So now you can surprise the hiding enemies by jumping over their heads.

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5. Ice Gun

Taking advantage of the huge success of the Free fire Ice Grenade, Garena launched the "Ice Gun" in December 2019.

Dealing with enemies far aways has become easier than ever before with Ice Gun. The new Ice Gun can be used to protect your team from danger by placing a Gel a long distance away, so you will have more time to eliminate the remaining opponents, leaving your allies protected.

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