Free Fire toolbox is a unique feature of this battle royale game. This box of tools has a lot of uses. Moreover, you can find these toolboxes in many places on all three maps of this game. Check out all toolbox locations in this game here with

Free Fire Toolbox Uses And Locations

Toolbox in this game has many amazing uses that you may need. It can help you repair your vet if it's damaged. Moreover, you can also use the tools in these boxes to upgrade your vet from level 1 to 2 or level 2 to level 3. If you are wearing a level-3 vet, it can increase the duration of your vet by 50 points. When you cannot get decent armor or your military vet gets damaged, you should head to the places where you can find a toolbox.

Free Fire Toolbox
Free Fire Toolbox

Here are some toolbox locations on three Free Fire maps.

Toolbox Locations In Bermuda

There are some places where you can find toolboxes in Bermuda. You can find up to 9 boxes in Peak and 3 boxes in Mars Electronic. There are some locations with 2 boxes, such as Sentosa, Pochinok, Factory, Dam, and Riverside. In other places, you will find one toolbox, such as Clock Tower, Graveyard, Plantation, Shipyard, and Mill. Besides, the boxes are also placed on open ground between two locations.

Toolbox In Graveyard
The Toolbox In Graveyard

Toolbox Locations In Kalahari

You will find fewer toolboxes on this map. Bayfront has 2 toolboxes while other places on this map only have 1 toolbox. For example, you will find a toolbox in Old Hampton, Shrine, Confinement Hall, and Council Hall. You also get a box in the Foundation and another box on the southeast side of this location. In addition, Free Fire players can also find this item in Santa Catarina, Sub, Stone Ridge, etc.

The Sub
There is a toolbox in the Sub

Toolbox Locations In Purgatory

Although Free Fire developers only give players this map in an extra file, it still has a lot of toolboxes. You will find up to 8 boxes in the West Island and 4 boxes in Brasilia. Besides, some places such as Southern Island, Fields, and Forge have 3 boxes for players to use. Players can find one toolbox in some other places, such as Ski Lodge, Campsite, Moathouse, Crossroads, etc.