Free Fire has three maps with different vegetation, terrains, constructions, and sceneries including Bermuda, Purgatory, and Kalahari. To conquer these three maps and get Booyah in every match you play, you need to know these maps well. Besides, you need to have different strategies for each map. Check out this amazing guide and some tips and tricks for all Free Fire maps with

Bermuda Map Guide

Bermuda is the oldest map in Free Fire which was launched on the first day of the game. This map has a lot of compounds, buildings, high mountains, rivers, and valleys. Choosing the right landing spot is an important element to get Booyah. If you prefer safe gameplay, you should choose to land in low-risk places far from the center of this map. Or else, pro players can choose medium-risk and high-risk places for good loots and kill points.
Bermuda 2 0
Bermuda 2.0 is a remastered map that came recently.
Some low-risk places for beginners are Cape Town and Rim Nam Village. Meanwhile, Pochinok and Sentosa are two medium-risk locations that give you good loots. If you want to avoid early combat and play safely, don't land in Katulistwa and Bimasakti Strip. There are a lot of pro players who choose to land there for early engagements. Some best loot locations on Bermuda are Mill, Cape Town, Shipyard, Pochinok, and Mars Electric.

Purgatory Map Guide

Purgatory is also an old map in this game that will be unlocked after reaching level 5. There are two smaller islands and a big island linked by bridges. Marble Works, Brasilia, and Central are three favorite landing spots on this map for those who want to challenge in high-risk places.

Purgatory Map
Purgatory Map Has Lots Of Beautiful Landscapes

If you want to start carefully and play safely, you should head to Golf Course and Crossroads. There are some rich locations with a lot of good loots for players in Purgatory, such as Quarry, Moathouse, Fire Brigade, and Ski Lodge.

Kalahari Map Guide

Kalahari is the newest map in Free Fire. This is a desert with less green land and more rock mountains. Therefore, there are a lot of ideal sniping locations in Kalahari. Command Post and Refinery are two high-risk locations that beginners should avoid. Instead, you should land on The Maze and Shrines to play safely. To loot supplies, weapons, and ammo, you should land on The Sub, Santa Catarina, and Stone Ridge.

Kalahari Is A Desert