Aiming is one of the most important skills in Free Fire which defines if you can be the last survivor or not. In order to become the winner, it’s crucial to learn how to master your aiming skill by making the most of weapon attachments. With the assistance of scopes, which help enhance your vision, shooting enemies from a distance will be much easier.

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Thermal Scope and 4x Scope, which one is more powerful in Free Fire?

Free Fire offers different types of scopes for users including 2x, 4x, and thermal scope. Each of them has its own pros and cons that you need to acknowledge and put into consideration before attaching to your gun. Today, we’ll give you tips on how to choose the most compatible and effective scope for your gun.

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Thermal scope

Compared to the 4x scope, the Thermal scope is less prevalent, but that doesn’t mean it is less effective. In a reasonably long-range, the Thermal scope is the best option. Besides the function of zooming out and in, thermal scope gives you a green display that allows the player to distinguish objects from people in the game based on body temperature. Through the green display, players are able to detect the positions of the hidden enemies as they will appear in orange. The only task left is to set the crosshair right at your enemies then pull the trigger.

Pros and cons of Thermal scopes:

  • Pros:

- Make the appearance of the enemy more visible so that players can easily aim at the target.

  • Cons:

-The aiming distance is shorter than the 4x scope.

- Also, for beginners and those who are familiar with 4x scope, it takes a certain amount of time to get used to thermal scope.

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4x Scope

As a version of more distant visibility than the 2x, 4x Scope has become a widely-favored attachment owing to its user-friendly features. Besides providing a better-enhanced vision range compared to the 2x, 4x scope also offers a clearer display than the thermal one.

Pros and cons of 4x scope

  • Pros:

-At the beginner level, the 4x scope will be the perfect fit.

-While thermal scopes are usually very rare, the availability of 4x scopes is much higher.

  • Cons:

-4x Scope doesn’t provide the user with the ability to expose enemy positions like thermal scope.

-The 4x aim is less promising for the headshot when compared to the 2x.

So, in a nutshell, as a beginner who wants to play the game strategically, the thermal scope might be the attachment you are looking for. But it definitely takes time for you to get comfortable using it. On the other hand, if visibility is your number one priority, 4x is apparently more of a good fit.

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