When it comes to military weapons and attachments, there are a few games that can offer a vast range of mechanical items like Free Fire. The game has already taken players by storm for not only the long list of stargazing guns but also many coveted Free Fire scopes that can help you get more accurate shots.

While guns are one of the most important factors which decide your performance in-game, choosing the right Free Fire scopes is also crucial if you want to get that Booyah moment!. The different scope is suitable for different types of weapons and by understanding its functions, pros, and cons, players can decide their favorite scope. Today, let’s take a look at the full list of Free Fire scopes to find out which one is the best!

free fire scopes red dot
Free Fire Red Dot scope is the most basic scope in the game

1. Red Dot

Red Dot is one of the attachments which support players in mid-range combat. The scope is compatible with many types of guns and can be found easily. With the red dot in the middle of the lens, you will find it easier to target the enemies and feel the movement of the gun while aiming at them. While scope sensitivity is varied and mostly a matter of personal preference, the Red Dot sensitivity setting is recommended to be around 70-85%.

Although Red Dot can help players to be more accurate at shooting, you can not zoom in to have a close vision when it comes to long distance. That’s why among Free Fire all scopes, Red Dot appears to be the weakest one.

free fire scopes 2x scope

2. 2x Scope

With the 2x scope, players are able to zoom in and have a clearer look at the target which helps them shoot down the enemy more easily. The 2x scope works best in mid-range battles only as you will need a more powerful scope if you’re having a sniper rifle.

free fire scopes 4x scope

3. 4x Scope

For players who are good at sniping and prefer a long-range attack, having a 4x scope is a must to slay your enemies with ease. The 4x scope will make the best out of your Assault Rifle and this is the ideal gear to take down your target from a very long distance.

Although the chance of finding a 4x scope is rarer than a Red Dot or 2x one, you still have a chance to find it while looting around. In addition to that, there are some rifles that are pre-attached with 4x scope like VSS, SVD, and SKS. It is also the Free Fire AWM scope, the special challenging sniper rifle that only pro player can master.

Apart from the mentioned guns, there are some other items which are equipped with scopes in advance, check them out: Which Guns Have Pre-Attached Scopes In Free Fire?

free fire scopes thermal scope

4. Thermal Scope

Despite being less popular than the 4x scope, the Thermal scope is an amazing attachment for aggressive players to detect and shoot down campers. While other Free Fire scopes show the original images with a focused vision, Thermal Scope will show you the ‘Thermal sight’ with its green lens and reveal the position of hiding enemies based on the temperature. A human body will be spotted in red or orange via the Thermal sight.

While this interesting scope is helpful when it comes to spotting enemies, it won’t provide you a 4x vision so it’s better to be used in mid-range combats only.

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free fire scopes 8x scope

5. 8x Scope (Sniper Scope)

Among Free Fire all scopes, the sniper scope aka 8x scope is the latest and longest range scope you can ever find in the battle. However, there are mixed opinions about whether a player should use an 8x scope or not. While the scope sounds great to professional snipers as it offers an extra accurate vision from a very long distance, please note that it will become a disadvantage at the last minute in close-ranged battles.

However, knocking down your enemies with an 8x scope is fun anyway so you can absolutely pick it up when finding the Free Fire 8x scope location. 

Apart from understanding the characteristics, pros, and cons of all Free Fire scopes, you should also pay attention to scope sensitivity settings to make the best out of the attachment. Check out the full details about it in the following article: Garena Free Fire: How To Change Scope Sensitivity Complete Guide 

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