Unlike PUBG Mobile, Free Fire is rather lax with its "scope requirements", as a lot of long-range guns would get a default scope attached. Players who pick up these guns would be able to use the scope right away without having to look around for one.

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Scopes and the other weapon attachments in Free Fire

This has alleviated a lot of issues people usually have when using sniper weapons in similar games like PUBG, ensuring Free Fire's combat would always be fast. Now, without further ado, here's our list for these weapons:

1 - Pre-attached with a 4x scope


The mini-sniper/SMG hybrid comes with a 4X scope so that people would know what to do with the gun right away - it is a pretty weird gun, lying in the middle between SMG (close range weapon) and Sniper (long range weapon). People usually skip this gun because of its lower DPS, but it can still serve pretty well if you have no other options.

Free Fire VSS scope


As these 2 weapons serve the same role of Semi-Automatic Sniper, they are grouped up together with a 4x scope automatically attached on spawn. Overall, as a sniper rifle, these weapons are pretty much unusable without a good scope. In the early day of Free Fire, SVD and SKS spawns must have been skipped a lot for Garena to include this attached scope.

2 - Pre-attached with a 8x scope

Kar98k and AWM

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Free Fire sniper rifles

It is actually not much of a surprise that these two sniper rifles get their own scopes attached to them. The 8x scope has the lowest spawn rate, and more often than not it would be discarded as not many players would use it on a normal assault rifle. Because of this, Garena has decided to just cut the crap and have those scope attached to the guns right from the start, saving players from having to scrounge around. The newly added M82B does not have this luxury due to its strong stats.

3 - Special cases

XM8, Crossbow and CG15

Crossbow No Free Fire
The crossbow in Free Fire

These three weapons have their own special type of scopes attached to them right from the start. These scopes are pretty weak at only ~2x magnify level. Overall, these are more or less a non-customizable feature of the gun. You cannot replace the scope on the Crossbow and the CG15.

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