Garena Free Fire is a Battle Royale game, which means its concept revolves largely on gunfights. Therefore, weapons can be considered an integral part, a foundation on which strategies as well as features are built on. To boost the power of the weapon and give players an edge over others, Free Fire introduces an array of different attachments. In this category, nothing can beat the importance of scopes. 

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Boost your performance in Free Fire with scopes

Scopes are versatile attachments that alter the state of a weapon significantly. They aid your aim in both close-range, mid-range, to long-range combats. Get the right scopes for your weapons and you’re ready to dominate the battlefield. The most common close-to-mid-range scope is definitely the red dots. Meanwhile, most AR users prefer to have a 4X scope for their rifles to snipe enemies from afar. 

free fire 4X
Scopes enable you to spot enemies from afar

How to Change Scope Sensitivity in Free Fire

Getting the right sensitivity can mean the difference between night and day in the game. It boosts your accuracy significantly, hence increases your damage output. Therefore, we always players to test out different sensitivity settings to find which suits their style the most. If you don’t know how to alter this stat, please follow our step-by-step guide below:

#1: Open Free Fire application on your device and click on the Settings icon located on the top-right corner of the main lobby

settings menu free fire
Access the settings menu here

#2: Choose the sensitivity tab in the settings menu

sensitivity free fire
Choose the sensitivity tab

#3: Here you will see the different sensitivities for different scopes. Choose the one you wish to alter and drag its bar until you reach your wanted spot

scope adjust
Choose and drag to adjust

If you want to reboot to the default settings, click the “Reset” button on the bottom-right corner.