To understand how to get new characters in Free Fire, grab all the skills they have, and dress them up with the best skins, you need to get the various exchange currencies available on Free Fire. You have a free option, you have a paid option and you have many ways to get each one if you pay attention to social networks and play a lot.

Gold, Diamond, Magic Cube, and Fragments of Memory are the names of the main currencies. In this guide, you will understand each of them and find out how to buy characters in Free Fire with them. Also, at the end of this article, we will talk about a unique way on how to get all characters in Free Fire for free.

5 Methods of How to Get New Characters in Free Fire

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1. Buy Free Fire Characters Using Gold

Gold is the main "free" currency of Free Fire. That's because it is the currency that can be obtained without using real money. Instead, it is earned just by performing activities in the game itself. It serves to buy several characters, levels them up, and also buy some things in the store.

How To Get New Characters In Free Fire

Learning how to buy character in Free Fire with Gold is done in several ways. The first is when finishing matches. Whenever you finish a match, you will receive a quantity of Gold. The value varies according to several factors, such as your placement and alive time. The more you train and get better, the more Gold you will get for placing.

The second way to get it is to level up. The more you play, the more experience you will accumulate and your level will increase. With each level, you get an amount of Gold, which varies according to your progression.

Finally, you can also get Gold by logging in daily. The prize will not always be gold, as it varies from day to day, but keep logging in whenever you can.

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2. Buy Characters With Diamond

Diamond is the opposite of Gold, the main premium currency in the game. It is the main currency of how to get all characters in Free Fire, as well as for purchasing season passes, skills, spinning the Royales, and basically accessing any content from the store.

How To Get New Characters In Free Fire

To get that currency, there's not much to do other than opening your wallet and spending some change. However, for those who are active on social networks, it is possible to get the desired 'giveaways' from professional streamers, on the official pages of Free Fire and at events and championships promoted by Garena. It won't be enough to buy your dream Alok, but it helps.

If you see promises of free diamonds on websites and forums, promising to circumvent the structure of the game, stay away. In addition to compromising the security of your account and even your cell phone, you can still be banned from the game and lose everything you've ever done and bought.

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3. Use the Magic Cube

There are some skins that can only be obtained at the exchange store. The name of the store is the same as that of the currency, which is also not easy to obtain.

How To Get New Characters In Free Fire

To assemble a magic cube you need a hundred fragments of the magic cube or get a bit of luck. When we talk about luck, it is about spinning the Luck Royale, which serves to get you several prizes, among them the Magic Cube and its fragments. To spin these roulette wheels, as you probably know, you must have diamonds.

There are other, rarer ways to win the Magic Cube. On some very special occasions, Garena makes them available at events. Whenever any of these happen, they tell you on all social networks, so keep an eye out and participate. It is also possible to obtain fragments from season passes as a reward.

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4. Boost Characters with Memory Fragments

The last currency is Memory Fragments. They function more like an experience point than a bargaining chip, as they only serve a specific character. Their only function is to improve the level of your existing characters, ensuring better skills for them in the process.

To get Memory Fragments, just finish matches with the character of your choice. At the end of the game, a lot of them will end up in your account and it is even possible to win a Lucky Card, which gives fragments of a random character. There is a limit per day of 250 fragments. Once you reach that limit, there's no point in trying for more.

You can purchase Memory Fragment packs in the store, get them at some events, and find them in crates. By combining the skills of different characters, you can earn some extra fragments for a character who has given up the skill to another.

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5. Pick Any Free Character of Your Own Choosing on August 23

After a recent promo from Garena Free Fire on their Facebook page got announced, where you must share the post 40 Lakh times to pick any character you want for free, the deed is pretty much done as the current sharing number stands at around 68 Lakh.

How To Get New Characters In Free Fire

This means you just need to log-in to the game on August 23 as the promotional poster indicates and pick a free character of your choice. Finally, that DJ Alok that so many people ask for can be yours at zero costs, as long as you remember that calendar date of August 23, 2020!

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