It feels as though there is almost unanimous agreement in the Free Fire community that the Kalahari map sucks. For some time now, the map has been receiving a lot of Free Fire haters on social media about its current design, especially in ranked matches.

Kalahari Map Free Fire Haters 5 Reasons

To understand the reasons why the desert map is so belittled by the community, let's look at 5 things players have complained the most about this particular map that made Kalahari one of the biggest attractions for Free Fire haters out there.

5 Reasons Why Kalahari Map Attracts Many Free Fire Haters

1. The Orange Palette is Really Dull!

Let's start at the beginning: the map just feels boring to play in. Half orange, half pastel shades. It is completely different from the more vivid colors present in Bermuda and Purgatory and part of that is because it is entirely surrounded by giant mountains.

Kalahari Map Free Fire Haters 5 Reasons

And it feels like you are fighting in the Grand Canyon where it's very difficult to find enemies on the map even if you tried. This map has lots of Free Fire haters for this reason alone. Other than the dull colors, you have to take a long time to identify who is shooting because the color of the target is practically the same color as the map - orange.

It's very easy to get annoyed when you are looking for enemies and they just blend in the environment. It is especially frustrating for players who play aggressively or want to rush, while players who turtle and camp don't have to worry as much.

2. Where Are All the Loots?

Kalahari is not great for players who want to build up a good set of weapons and equipment that best fits your play style. Sometimes you spend an entire match without being able to build a good set of loot. Since the map itself does not have enough equipment, the gameplay becomes much more complicated.

3. The High Grounds are Very Unbalanced!

As you know, Kalahari is surrounded by mountains. Not only that, but it also allows players to use hooks to climb towers and is much more elevated than the other two maps. This often leads to situations where you are inside a building looking for loot, then the next second you are on the ground, taken out by someone with high ground advantage.

Anyone who plays any shooting game knows: those who have the high ground have the advantage. The guys who dominate the highest places on the map certainly have a lot of advantages due to the visibility they have of their enemies.

This difference in heights can affect the squads' strategy. If there is a squad on top of the hill and another on the bottom and the safe zone is closing, the crowd below is going to die. Even if there are lots of distances between them.

Kalahari Map Free Fire Haters 5 Reasons

And you can't climb up your own high ground either, knowing that there is another team there up there waiting. And this affects the gameplay in a way that is different from Bermuda and Purgatory.

On the other maps, everyone plays with a clear vision. But in Kalahari, a shot could be coming from above and from all sides. Garena may have wanted to introduce different dynamics, but it feels a bit too much.

The only real way to play and survive is to find the center of the map and utilize the tools you have. For example, you have to master the platforms and use the grappling hook to master the high grounds. So to improve this map, there should be more equipment, including zip lines, platforms, and different ways of moving around.

4. You Feel Lost Playing in This Map

In addition to making people looking up all the time when playing, another problem with Kalahari that attracts Free Fire haters is that nothing makes sense. What is our location? No one can tell. It is large, with few covers, and thus leaves the player vulnerable even when trying to get from one location to another.

For the player to go from one safe zone to the next, they have to traverse so much open space that they will soon end up dead, thus it is very difficult to advance in this Free Fire map. It's even more difficult in the parts where there is water.

Combined with certain places being very low and others very high, this affects your movement and leaves you vulnerable.

5. It's a Bad Choice For Competitive in Free Fire

The lack of balance in so many aspects of this map would surely make it a bad option for competitive matches in tournaments. Until the problems are sorted out, it would not be interesting to have Kalahari in competitive, as it still needs a lot of changes.

Kalahari Map Free Fire Haters 5 Reasons

As it stands, squads can win or lose a match depending on the place of the crash versus where the safe zones are. Although it is still interesting to have a new map with extra ways to move around and think of different strategies, it still needs a lot of work to be truly worth it!

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