These days, when the gaming community has grown so much and mobile gaming is giving major competition to PC/consoles, one of the games that has gotten very far in this competition is Garena Free Fire. So in the current political tensions, it's no wonder that many people are increasingly curious to know Free Fire which country game came from and if it could be banned.

The question of which country made Free Fire game is something we will answer comprehensively here in GuruGamer, where you will learn not just the answer to Free Fire game made in which country, but also relevant interesting facts about the company that made such a popular game as well.

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Free Fire Which Country Game Is From?

This game is the work of a company called 111dots Studio from Vietnam, who was in charge of developing it, while the company that was then in charge of its global distribution was Garena.

Who is Garena? It is a company based in Southeast Asia, Singapore to be specific, which was founded 11 years ago in 2009. It was founded by who was and is currently its boss Forrest Lin, who is the CEO of the company.

Since the game was developed by a game studio in Vietnam and published by a company in Singapore, Free Fire the game will be safe from any kind of ban by the government in the future. You now have your answer to the question "Garena Free Fire which country game is from?" But what about the owner of the company?

Free Fire Game Owner Country and Citizenship

The creative mind behind Garena Free Fire is Forrest Xiaodong Li, who is the billionaire owner of the company and is currently 43 years old.

free fire made in which country

Born in Tianjin of People's Republic of China in 1977, he loved to play in his spare time by attending a cyber café almost every afternoon, initially graduated from Stanford Business School, and later as an engineer from Shanghai Jiaotong University.

One of the people who most inspired him in his youth was Steve Jobs with his phrases and way of thinking about success. He has since moved to Singapore with his wife Liqian Ma and there he gave birth to Garena. Currently, his net worth is $2.5 billion (INR 18,500 Crores). Forrest Li also founded the Shopee e-commerce platform.

So the Free Fire game owner country has changed from China to Singapore after he moved to his new country. This tells us Free Fire has very little chances of being banned at any point in the future.

Free Fire Which Country Game Came From, and What Does Garena Mean?

You now know that Free Fire which country game came from a Vietnam developer and a Singapore publisher, but what does the name Garena mean? The initials of the company in charge of the game combine "Global" and "Arena". They are a digital training company whose market is mainly in Southeast Asia.

Free Fire Which Country Game Came From
Free Fire made in which country?

Thanks to the great success of their title, they have been expanding their market to many more parts of the world, one of their star titles being Garena Free Fire.

It should be noted that by 2015 its market value at the time was $2.5 billion (INR 18,500 crores), a figure that is believed to have risen a lot, taking into account that Free Fire was launched two years later. The current market value is not known, but it is certainly much bigger.

Of course, Garena Free Fire is the main reason for its current popularity, but you probably didn't know that Garena is also in charge of the distribution of many other games. Through its platform, they are in charge of distributing a catalog of exclusive games, among which the most outstanding are League of Legends and FIFA Online.

We also have games that are less popular but just as good, such as Alliance of Valient Arms or Arena of Valor. Garena only handles their distribution though and to their credit, they only have two titles of their own.

How Free Fire Went From Unknown to Blowing Up the Internet

Garena Free Fire was the first own title of the company, with its beta version published in November 2017 and its final version in December of the same year, which became the most popular game according to data from the Google Playstore.

Free Fire Which Country Game Came From

If we combine them with the data from Apple Store, it was also one of the most downloaded games that year, ranking second in Battle Royale with the most downloads, beating games like Fornite.

In 2018 (its best year), Garena Free Fire achieved an impressive sum of 18.2 crore downloads, and achieved $19.3 million (INR 144 crores) in revenue every month, a success for any company. At present, it is estimated that Free Fire exceeds 50 crore users, which is among the most downloaded games in the world. What makes it even more impressive is it is only a mobile game.

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