The characters in the game Free Fire all have detailed backstories and their own birthdays, and one of those characters is Misha who turns out to have her birthday on July 26 today!

As a racer who is quite reliable, Misha herself has a fairly unique skill. When she is driving a vehicle, the vehicle's speed will increase and the damage received will decrease.

But we are celebrating Misha's birthday today, and to celebrate it we would like to know more about the character and what makes her interesting. Which means we will not discuss technical matters about Misha.

Instead, we will be looking into 4 interesting facts about Misha in Free Fire so you get to know her better than just her birthday and special ability!

4 Interesting Facts About Misha to Celebrate Her Birthday

1. Sister of the Other Free Fire Character Maxim

Probably many of us know that Misha is the older sister of Maxim. Indeed, both have a hobby in the automotive world which shows how Maxim and Misha are not much different from each other.

Free Fire Character Misha Birthday Facts
Misha and her brother Maxim

In addition, Misha is also a friend of Kelly. Although they work in very different fields, nothing stands between the friendship between Misha and Kelly.

2. She is Almost Always Seen With Cars as a Racer

Misha is someone who really likes the world of racing, especially the fastest cars. Not surprisingly, when people look at Misha and her photos, you will almost always see her next to some automobile.

Free Fire Character Misha Birthday Facts
She is always seen to be driving around

3. She Cares Very Deeply About Cars and Her Brother Maxim

Being a reliable racer, it goes without saying that Misha is very interested in the automotive world, especially racing cars. But not only that, it turns out Misha is also a very caring person towards her younger brother Maxim.

Free Fire Character Misha Birthday Facts
She doesn't just think about cars but her family, too

4. Misha is Very Popular and She Likes to Speak Her Mind

The life of a reliable racer makes her very popular because she is able to win many tournaments. This doesn't seem very strange considering her special ability.

Free Fire Character Misha Birthday Facts
No doubt Misha is a very popular girl among her peers

Not only that, Misha is a character who really likes to speak her mind and what she really thinks about the other person. This could make people who just met her quite surprised by her frankness.

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