There are a lot of Free Fire characters to choose from in 2020, but you will need to find the most effective characters and learn to use them well to win. For example, if you want to use one of the characters, it's better to first check out what their ability is like on Youtube. The key is to find Free Fire best character 2020.

To greatly increase your chances of winning, you need to take full advantage of what the characters and their skills offer. After many updates, we've gotten a lot of choices to come up with Free Fire best character combination 2020 that best suits you.

For this occasion, we'd like to introduce this top 5 best character in Free Fire 2020, whose individual and combination of skills will always be deadly. Whether in Battle Royale, Clash Squad, or other modes. Curious about what the best character in Fre Fire 2020 on mobile is? Read on to find out:

Top 5 Free Fire Best Character 2020 You Must Have This Year to Win

1. DJ Alok

The abilities of this DJ Alok character are most certainly useful and highly sought after. Those of you who have this character will not lose easily, because his ability allows you to stay in the fight for longer. His healing and movement boost ability make him a Free Fire top character 2020.

Free Fire Best Character 2020 Top 5

For example if you want to Push Rank in Clash Squad mode, you can rely a lot on DJ Alok. This is thanks to his powerful Heal Area and Movement Speed boost. Therefore, we cannot underestimate the ability of this character. DJ Alok is a proven powerful character based on how popular he is.

But those of you who use this character, you should still be careful. Because of DJ Alok's ability, it makes him a target for the enemies. Especially now that DJ Alok's character already has many deadly counters. So those of you who use this character in Clash Squad, be careful about other characters targeting you.

2. Luqueta

Free Fire Clash Squad mode will continue to change every new update, and you should not miss out on character who can dominate this mode. Luqueta is the newest character who is definitely very useful in this case. This footballer was introduced during the maintenance period that took place last July.

Free Fire Best Character 2020 Top 5

In terms of the ability given to this character, it is very excellent and worth having for a Free Fire best character 2020. Luqueta is definitely very powerful in every Free Fire mode, including Clash Squad. His ability increases the overall Max HP if he succeeds in killing an enemy, which reaches up to 35 HP.

Having a big boost in Max HP makes you a very dangerous player if you have an aggressive style. Having this extra HP is very helpful in the late stages of the game, where survival is very important. It encourages you to get out there and be even more dangerous than you normally are.

3. Clu

Clu is probably the best character to have in Clash Squad mode. Since the map is smaller, you should be able to easily find out the location of the enemies. If you can find them more easily, you will be able to eliminate them very well. This makes Clu and her ability extremely helpful.

The ability is great because, with it, you won't be afraid to face enemies. Clu's Tracing Steps ability lets you anticipate enemies and come up with proper tactics. Things like this are very important, especially if you play in Clash Squad Mode. Clu will find enemies, though only at a certain distance.

Free Fire Best Character 2020 Top 5

Although the ability of Clu is very helpful, you still have to take advantage of this ability quite well because there is a long cooldown. Because of that, you need to quickly kill the enemy that is detected while the ability is activated.

4. Jota

For those of you who really like to be a Rusher, Jota's character can be your best choice. The ability of this parkour runner makes you much safer when rushing enemies. The extra boost in HP that he gets from rushing makes him the Free Fire best character 2020 for this type of player.

Jota's ability allows him to heal after killing the enemy using SMGs or Shotguns. This ability is very much geared towards rushing players. If you ever want to change your playstyle to a Rusher if you have not been one before, definitely start with Jota.

Of course, Jota's ability only works with SMGs or Shotguns. Using other weapons will obviously not activate this ability at all. Therefore Jota only works with players who are already used to close-range weapons like those mentioned above.

5. Wolfrahh

Next is Wolfrahh, who is one of the newest characters in Free Fire. His ability definitely makes him a Free Fire best character 2020 so far. His ability allows you to deal more damage to the enemy's body and limbs, while headshot damage received is reduced.

Free Fire Best Character 2020 Top 5

This is another character that is great at close range when you can't afford to hit headshots frequently. His ability makes him harder to die from critical damage as damage from headshot is much less. This makes Wolfrahh and his ability one of the toughest in the game.

However, while Wolfrahh is indeed strong against enemies, you still have to be aware of enemies doing the same to you. While the character is powerful at close range, there's no guarantee that you can always win. Which means you should still go for headshots to cause extra damage if possible.

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