Just like many other battle royale games, Garena Free Fire offers players a vast range of items from bundles, pets, weapons, and gun skins. While some items are free, most of them can only be purchased with diamonds, the in-game currency. In addition to that, there are also limited skins and weapons which you need to be super lucky to win one from special events. Today, let’s take a look at 10 Free Fire hot skins every player is dying for.

Apart from giving your weapons a more exotic and offbeat look, each gun skin is attached with special effects and gives you more advantages in the battle. Free Fire hot skins come with 4 main types including incubator skins, legendary skins, theme skins, and no attribute skins. In which, incubator skins and legendary skins are the most coveted ones. Check out the best Free Fire hot skins you need to become the winner.

Free fire hot skins

Top 10 Best Free Fire hot skins

Free Fire hot skins will be divided based on types of guns like Assault Rifles, shotguns, SMGs and Sniper Rifles

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Assault Rifles

1. Lively Beast XM8

Free fire hot skins

After the latest updates XM8, Lively Beast soared into the star which makes the best out of the assault rifle. With a mind-blowing rate of fire and damage, the skin is obviously a must-have item for players who want to pull off the drag headshot skill.

2. Cupid SCAR

Free fire hot skins

Among the best Free Fire hot skins for AR, Cupid SCAR is also an outstanding one. Although Mystic Seeker SCAR and Titanium SCAR are way more outstanding than Cupid SCAR, they are super rare that you can only find them in Incubator or Weapon Royale only.

Thanks to its popularity, Cupid SCAR is favored among the Free Fire players. Before the update of XM8 which makes the most of our Lively Beast, it used to be said to be the best among Free Fire hot skins for Assault Rifles. Anyway, Cupid SCAR is still a legendary skin for drag headshot masters.

3. Dragon AK-47

Free fire hot skins

The list of Free Fire hot skins won’t be completed without Dragon AK-47. Free Fire veterans are no stranger to this age-old weapon skins. The skin offers the same damage as the above skins but it is not the ideal one for dragging headshots. If you're a tactical player, the skin is still one of the best choices as its high rate of power and damage is enough to give your enemies instant kills. A small tip is Laura’s skill ‘Sharpshooter‘ will make Dragon AK-47 more stable.


4. Tropical Parrot M1887

Free fire hot skins

Being an Incubator skin, Tropical Parrot not only comes with a stunning look but also brings great advantage to your deadly M1887. Apart from damage+, it is the accuracy boost which makes the skin one of the Free Fire hot skins. Dragging headshots turns out to be just a piece of cake with the gear but missing two shots will be a dead-end as you will be vulnerable while waiting for it to reload.

5. Apocalyptic Red M1014

M1014 Apocalyptic Banner Free fire hot skins

Among the Free Fire hot skins which have just been added lately, Apocalyptic Red M1014 stands out as the greatest option for shotguns. The skin which belongs to the Apocalic series has Rate of Fire++ without the damage boost. Therefore, drag headshot might not be perfect but it’s will be way easier.

6. Apocalyptic Green M1014

Free fire hot skins

Apart from Apocalyptic Red, Apocalyptic Green is also a great option for your M1014. As the rage is not a strong point of M1014, this skin is here to fulfill the shortage with range++. Another point which makes  Apocalyptic Green better than the red one is it's cheaper. If you've always been struggling to fight against SMGs, take this one into consideration.


7. Mechanical MP40

Free fire hot skins

Mechanical is one of the must-have Free Fire hot skins for your MP40. While the range and damage boost are the advantages of the skin, you need to be careful with the reload speed. However, it can be rounded with Nikita's skill.

8. Flashing Spade MP40

Free fire hot skins

While MP40 is said to be the most suitable gun for beginners, Flashing Spade is one of the Free Fire hot skins for MP40 that you cannot miss. Though dragging headshots is not its strong point in comparison to other SMGs, the level-3-attachment skin can finish the whole squad with only one reload.

Sniper Rifles

9. Duke SwallowTail AWM

Free fire hot skins

When it comes to AWM, Duke SwallowTail is one of the best Free Fire hot skins which leave you speechless with the first shot. The skin is dedicated to 'quick switch' masters who have two snipers not to mention the aesthetic appearance of the skin.

10. Ice blue/ Imperial Rome Kar98k

Free fire hot skins

Both Ince blue and Imperial Rome have similar features that make Kar98k the deadliest sniper rifle you can ever have in the match. The damage is even heavier when you open the scope to activate the auto-aim assist function.

Above is the list of 10 best Free Fire hot skins you can ever get in the game. Visit our website Gurugamer.com for more interesting news about games and entertainment.