Being launched in the end of 2018, Free Fire quickly became a global sensation with more than 30 crores of players coming from around the world. After being updated several times, more and more staggering features have been made available in-game. Meanwhile, there are some prime and cool features of the game which have been reserved since the original version and Free Fire incubator is one of them.

Despite being an age-old feature, a lot of players still get confused when it comes to Free Fire incubator. Today, let’s take a look at everything about the Free Fire incubator as well as what the Free Fire next incubator is.

Free Fire next incubator
Free Fire incubator is one of the major features in-game

What is Free Fire incubator

In Free Fire, there is a section called incubator with which you can have spins to win premium bundles and skins. The list of prizes will be fixed during a period of 2 months after being replaced with other items. All of the prizes in one rotation will have the same theme but different colors. In the case of guns, each gun will also have a different effect.

You will need 2 essential objects which are Evolution Stone and BluePrint to redeem a prize. While the cheapest price and be redeemed with only 3 Evolution Stone and 1 Blueprint, you will need to collect up to 7 Evolution Stone and 3 Blueprints for the most expensive one.

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Free Fire next incubator evolution stone
Will you need at least 3 evolution stone to redeem an item in Free Fire next incubator

How to win a prize in Free Fire Incubator

While the Evolution Stone is quite easy to get, it’s more challenging and you might also need a bit of luck to win a Blueprint. Here is how to you get Free Fire Incubator with Blueprint and Evolution Stone. Evolution Stone can be purchased with Elite Pass which costs 180 badges. In addition to that, you can also win them from Free Fire events but these events are time-limited and not everyone has the chance to win one.

Meanwhile, you will only get Blueprints in top-up events. It normally costs 500-1000 diamonds for a Blueprint as the price varies in different events. However, with one Blueprint, you can only redeem the cheapest item in Free Fire Incubator. To obtain more costly items, you need to collect more Blueprints and Evolution Stones.

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Free Fire next incubator

If you don’t collect enough Blueprints for the on-going rotation of the Free Fire incubator, you can wait for the next one and convert your previous Blueprints for new ones as 3 previous Blueprints can be converted into 1 new.

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