The Bollywood Superstar Hrithik Roshan who has been part of numerous blockbuster hits like Bang Bang!, Dhoom 2 and Krrish will be ported into Free Fire as a character called Jai. It is about time that India gets its unique character in Free Fire like Brazil's Luqueta/Alok and Thailand's Kla - as the country hosts one of the biggest Free Fire communities in the world, along with a separate server. In this article, we would list out everything you need to know about this character, including skills, strategy... and more.

Special Agent Jai

1 - About Jai

Jai is a SWAT agent from the New Delhi branch, trained to operate in high-risk operations and various environments. The appearance of Jai in the trailer is probably based on Hrithik Roshan's roles in the two movies Kites and Bang Bang!, in which his character is also named Jai. Furthermore, Roshan's character in Bang Bang! is also a military man.

2 - Jai's ability

Jai's special skill is called Furious Reload. It allows him to automatically reload his ammo once when his weapon runs out of ammo. This skill would not work on launcher or crossbow but is available on pretty much everything else. After the reload, the skill would go on cooldown for a minute or so.

Jai's ability might even be better than Alok

There are a lot of uses for this ability, but the best is probably on the Sniper Rifle. When firing an AWM, you would be able to skip one reload and fire a second bullet right away, which means killing someone instantly with 2 body shots is now possible. The ability is pretty overpowered and would be a great combo piece for a sniper build.

3 - When will Jai be released?

He is likely to be released on the next patch, OB 24. Jai has been hinted for about a month now, back in early July.

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