Beside bullet damage, fire rate is something one should also notice when using a gun in Free Fire. This element, when combined with the damage per shot of a weapon, would result in the theoretical damage output of the gun. There are plenty of weapons in-game that made up for their lack of damage with speed, and in this article, we would list out the best five.

5 - G18


Rate of Fire: 64

No one would have expected a pistol to be on this list. The G18 is a rapid-firing pistol that can deal a decent amount of damage in the right situation. However, you probably would never use this gun in a normal BR match, of course, as it is just a weak pistol. In arcade or custom matches, however, if you are forced into this gun, you probably should begin to spray.


Maxresdefault 2

Rate of Fire: 67

It is not a surprise that the fastest firing Assault Rifle - FAMAS is only at the 5th spot on this list - all the top positions are dominated by SMG, which trade damage for speed. The reason behind the FAMAS's fast rate of fire is its special burst fire mode - you can only fire 3 bullets at a quick rate then the weapon would stop for a while before firing the next burst. That's why the Groza and many other AR with the ability to spray are more popular than this one.

3 - CG15

Cg15 Crop1557158200793 Jpg 554688468 46ae

Rate of Fire: 69

One of the "special futuristic gun" in Free Fire, the CG15 is a special SMG with good range, decent damage, and a special ability to fire a high damage shot after charged for a few seconds. The SMG tier fire rate is just the cherry on top. While the gun is decently strong, most people just prefer to use a normal Assault Rifle, as the gun cannot be equipped with any scope other than its original 2x one, which is not very good at range.

2 - P90/UMP/MP5/Thompson

Free Fire Kapella Patch 3

Rate of Fire: 75-77

These SMGs are almost identical in fire rate - their differences are just smaller stats here and there. That's why we group them up together into one entry. Each of these guns has the same strength and playstyle - you are supposed to use them to hip fire at close range and overcome enemies with the sheer volume of firepower alone. With battle royale fights usually at medium range, lots of people just choose the AR class over these SMGs.

1 - Mp40

Maxresdefault 1

Rate of Fire: 83

The fastest weapon in the game, the Mp40, is pretty much unparalleled in close-quarter fights. In exchange for the fastest fire rate in the game, this gun has to exchange its effective range - you pretty much can only use the gun in very close quarters, like inside building and such, as its range is a pitifully 22, one of the shortest in-game.

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