What are some Free Fire glider tricks? Just like other Battle Royale games, only the wisest man can survive and become the winner in Free Fire. It means that he is not only skillful but also smart enough to know how to make the best out of his tools. Being released in 2019, Glider seems to be an unusual means of transportation but with a few savvy tips and tricks, it turns out to be an amazing aid with which you can travel from place to place in a blink of an eye.

This article will not only introduce where to find and how to use the glider but also reveal some genius Free Fire glider tricks to help you ‘fly’ closer to the victory.

Free Fire Glider Tricks
Losing the battle all the time? It's because you haven't known these genius Free Fire glider tricks

Free Fire glider tricks: Where to find glider in Free Fire

Gliders in Free Fire can be found in Purgatory And Bermuda map. When it comes to Bermuda, the glider is likely to appear in the Graveyard Y Observatory. In some cases, you can also explore it as loot in the surrounding areas like in Khatulistiwa or Bullseye. It’s quite rare but some players even come across it in some higher places.

Meanwhile, in Purgatory, Ski lodge is the ideal place to find the glider. If you’re unable to explore it in the area, seek it in higher locations. However, the glider is actually less useful when it comes to a zip-line-studded map like in Purgatory.

Once you discover that red glider, take it just like other loots. Take it by your side and wait for the right time to have a swing with it. You can use it as many times as necessary and the glider can be traded for other loots.

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Free Fire Glider Tricks
Free Fire glider tips and tricks: what is the best place where you can find the glider?

Free Fire glider tricks: How to use glider in Free Fire

Before learning about glider tricks in Free Fire, please keep in mind that your position has to be high enough so you can ride the glider. It’s vital as you cannot make use of it if you’re staying close to the ground. As a consequence, you need to seek a high place with a nice slope to take your glider out. If you’re wondering about what can be the ideal place for a glider in Free Fire, go to the Observatory. Run to the edge, throw yourself into the air and press the pump button to take control of the glider and have a safe flight!

Apart from jumping from the edge cliff, there is also another way to deploy a glider: Jumping from the roof or balcony of a tall building. It provides a sufficient height for the glider to work. The pump button will be available only when you’re already in the air and make sure that the surrounding area is clear so you won’t bump into high trees or other buildings.

Free Fire Glider Tricks
Jumping off the cliff is the idealist way to use the glider

So you’re here deploying a glider in the air but how to take control of it? In fact, it’s quite easy to navigate the glider, the same way you move your character. Please note that you can only turn left or right while adjusting the height and inclination is impossible.

Another Free Fire glider tricks is that you can get down faster by pressing the pump button again while being in the air but once you do it, it’s possible to get back to the normal speed. The button can be used only when you’re about to fly over your targeted destination and want to get down urgently.

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Free Fire Glider Tricks
Knowing some Free Fire tips and tricks with glider will help your survive longer in the battle

Free Fire glider tricks: Making the best out of a glider

A glider is a special and attractive means of transportation if you want to travel a short or medium distance faster. Bear in mind the following Free Fire glider tricks to use the glider effectively and avoid unexpected risk while flying:

You can use the glider to:

  • Flee away from the radioactive storm asap without having any other vehicle by your side
  • Escape from a sudden attack quickly
  • Travel to another area in the first minutes
  • Climb tall building as it’s safer for looting

The rapid descent button should be used only when:

  • You realize that you’re going to land on a dangerous location
  • You’re flying over your targeted spot
  • You’re likely to bump into obstacles like high trees and buildings (you will never wish to die that way)

Above are the ultimate Free Fire glider tricks you should know to make the best of your resources. Visit our website Gurugamer.com for more interesting news about Free Fire and other games.

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