Pets in Free Fire is one of the most unique features in-game which not only accompanies its player during gameplay but also has special skills and gives you advantages in the battle. Among 10 pets available in Free Fire, the Detective Panda is a much-coveted one that steals the spotlight for his stellar kung fu skills. Today, let’s take a look at all of its skills as well as how to get it for free!

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Detective Panda in Free Fire

Detective Panda skills

Being one of the top pets in Free Fire, Detective Panda is well-known not only for his cute appearance but also for the super Panda’s Blessing which can restore at least 4HP after every kill. In addition to that, its skill also improved in higher levels for example the Panda can help its owner gain 7 HP for each enemy kill.

If you want to gain HP quickly and stay longer for more and more fights, Detective Panda will be the best pet you should get by your side.

The Detective Panda has a premium skin Wild Panda which costs a whopping 699 diamonds. It is such a big deal to most of the Free Fire players who are only students. However, there are a few other ways to get this pet for free. Keep scrolling down for the details.

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Wild Panda skin

How to get Detective Panda for free

The easiest way to gain Detective Panda as well as other Free Fire pets is by attending events and completing missions. Some are challenging and you need a lot of luck to win a pet while some others are quite easy while some players won a Falco pet just by logging in. However, these events are limited and the on-going event does not offer the Detective Panda or any pets.

Free fire panda
Panda has been given as a gift in some of Free Fire events

Another way to obtain Detective Panda is via Google Opinion Rewards and other GPT sites like Ysense or Swagbuck. Although you can only earn a few points after each survey, these tasks are short and simple that won’t take up much time. You can exchange your points into in-game diamonds and purchase the Panda or any other pets you like.

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