How to get Arctic Blue Bundle in Free Fire for free? Apart from PUBG Mobile, Free Fire is also one of the reigning battle royale games for mobile. What makes Free Fire popular in the gaming community in general and Indian game players, in particular, is it is compatible with any device, even the most low-end smartphone. In addition to that, the game also offers players a vast range of staggering features including clothes, pets, skins, characters, and especially bundles.

While users can acquire some bundles in free fire for free, some others will only be obtained with coins or diamonds. Meanwhile, some special bundles will be given after players completing missions or taking part in special events. Among the best bundles and royal dresses in Free Fire, Arctic Blue Bundle Free Fire, without a shadow of doubts, is the top converted item.

As many players want to have this bundle, today, let's take a look at how to get Arctic Blue Bundle in Free Fire for free. Keep scrolling down for the answer!

Arctic Blue Bundle Free Fire
Arctic Blue Bundle Free Fire HD wall paper

Arctic Blue Bundle Free Fire is an ensembles of  black-and-blue toned  outfit including 5 items: jacket, pants, boots, grey hair and black mask. Apart from Arctic Blue Bundle Free Fire, there are also many other limited outfits like Electric Shock, Skull Bundle or Skull Rider which players can only win in special events.

The entire set of Arctic Blue Bundle Free Fire for lucky players who win the events

While Arctic Blue Bundle Free Fire has been made available on most Free Fire servers around the world, it was not until Jun 2020 that Free Fire players in India had the chance to bag the most-desired item by attending Free Fire's new event ‘Free Fire Plinko’.

The Drop-and-win event rewarded players with 3 levels of prizes including the Basic, Premium, and Grand rewards Arctic Blue Bundle in Free Fire is no doubt the highest prize which only lucky players who got the Grand Reward will get.

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Arctic Blue Bundle Free Fire
The outfit has been used as the highest reward in many Free Fire events and it is not for sale on the online shop

How to get Arctic Blue Bundle Free Fire

To attend the Plinko event and win the staggering Arctic Blue Bundle, players will need to buy balls and drop them on the tab. You need to pay 25 diamonds for a ball while a combo 5 of balls only cost 110 diamonds. There will be 7 different holes with tags from A to G in correspondence to 7 different awards.

While holes B, C, E, and F are for the basic prize, the A and G holes are for the Premium prize and the precious Grand prize Arctic Blue Bundle Free Fire is denoted as the Dhole which is located in the middle.

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Arctic Blue Bundle Free Fire
Free Fire Plinko is the latest event which awarded players with the coveted Arctic Blue Bundle Free Fire

Please note that when you reach the 5, 15, and 30 milestones of dropped balls, you will get a bonus as follows:

5 Balls – Diamond Royale Voucher (x1)
15 Balls – Weapon Royale Voucher (x2)
30 Balls – Magic Cuber Fragment (x3)

In fact, there were lucky players who won the coveted items. This man is one of them!

Arctic Blue Bundle Free Fire
There were some lucky players who won a fortune

Earlier, Garena also gave a free Arctic Blue Bundle in the Magic Cube event which happened in April 2020. However, at the moment, the above events are finished, and getting Arctic Blue Bundle Free Fire for free is impossible. In addition to that, the limited item is unavailable on the Free Fire online shop as well. With a lot of upcoming events on Free Fire, hope that we will have a chance to win it again.

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Take a look at the details of Arctic Blue Bundle Free Fire in high-quality photos:

Arctic Blue Bundle Free Fire
Arctic Blue Bundle Free Fire is the top-demanded bundles in the game which players need lots of luck to win
Arctic Blue Bundle Free Fire
Arctic Blue Bundle Magic Cube event

More information about Arctic Blue Bundle Magic Cube can be found in this video, check it out:

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