Gaining lakhs of followers on Twitch and other social media channels like Instagram and Youtube, the Canadian streamer InvaderVie is well known for her gorgeous and cute appearance. The streamer who is seen for streaming different games is mostly found in the ‘Just chatting’ section on Twitch, talking about her daily lives while trying to attack her viewers with her seductiveness.

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Invadervie 2
InvaderVie is a Twitch streamer who gains spotlight for her gorgeous looks

However, it was not the reason InvaderVie is in the headlines over the past week. While being on a casual chat with her Twitch viewers, the stunner sparked the controversy for begging donations from her viewers. After explaining that “$20 is not a big deal” and it’s not what she was asking for, the streamer suggested for a $10 which every Twitch streamer is “expected to have”. Her rant continued as he kept asking for $5 dollar and ‘whatever in your currency”.

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The streamers gains lakhs of followers on different platforms but got slammed for mocking her viewers

However, it wasn’t the thing which took the internet by storm. On top of it, InvaderVie mocks her views saying that if they don’t have at least $10, they should be working instead of watching her stream. In addition to that, she addressed them as “cheap stakes” and “immature children.”

"If you don't have $10 dollars, you probably shouldn't be watching Twitch, you should be working. It's not a ton of money," - InvaderVie

Invadervie 5
InvaderVie on Instagram

Her statements caught fire on Twitch and other social media platforms as people slammed the streamer for benign ‘chapstakes’ and ‘immature’ herself. While some people found it ridiculous for her to just sit on a couch, casually talking and tell other people to go to work, some others went harsher saying she did nothing and didn’t deserve any single dollar.

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Source: Youtube

Twitch superstar streamer Pokimane also responded to the controversy around InvaderVie’s statements saying streamers like her should get out of the platform. Although she took to her social media an apology video saying she didn’t intend to say that, the stunning streamers still get lakhs of followers and subscribers on Twitch and other platforms.

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